Model Of The Week: 1/96 Gemini-Titan & Atlas Agena D

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  1. londonbluemisty

    londonbluemisty Wayne P

    What can I say your model is breathtaking:eek::eek::eek:!!
    You put so much time and effort into every model venture you embark on.
    It has put mine to shame.:cry:
    After seeing your engine housing and pipework I have had to get a pot of silver acrylic paint and brush to mine.


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  2. dhanners

    dhanners Member

    Trust me, my intent is not to try and put anybody else's models to shame, Wayne. You've done some amazing work and provided me with a lot of inspiration. On top of that, you're Gemini-Titan looks like a very good build. I've just always been a fan of the Gemini-Titan and decided it would be cool to have a model of it.

    As for the thrust structure, I really was lost until I came across the drawings I spoke of. I approach most models from the standpoint that each vehicle has a key structural or visual element that really makes it stand out, and when we're building a model of that vehicle, we should pay special attention to that element. To me, there were two key visual/structural elements of the Titan. The main visual one is that big expanse of gleaming metal. I knew I wanted to figure out some way to replicate that, and I was lucky enough to find a bright silver metallic paper that worked. It came in a roll, but I was able to cut it into 8.5x11 sheets and feed it into my printer. It took the ink awhile to dry, but once it did, the paper was pretty easy to work with.

    I should point out that since you can't obviously print white lines on silver paper, the white lines on the Titan's body were made from self-adhesive paper. I cut long, thin strips of it, peeled off the backing and affixed it to the model where appropriate.

    The other big element I wanted to feature was the thrust structure. When you look at photos of it, two things seem to stand out to me: The trusswork looks spindly and the plumbing looks like a plumber's nightmare. There are propellant lines going every which-way, cylinders here and there, braces, supports and then in the middle of it are those two big engine nozzles. I had plenty of photos of the thrust structure, and got some of it figured out.

    But then I came across these drawings -- -- and boy howdy did they open the whole thing up for me, literally and figuratively. At last the pieces of the thrust structure made sense, and I could approach the build in layers, for lack of a better term. I built the core of the structure, then moved to the next layer of plumbing outwards, then to the next, etc. Even as it is, when you compare my thrust structure to the drawings, you can see I simplified things a bit. Modeling should be fun. It shouldn't drive us crazy....
  3. Simmo

    Simmo An Older Junior Member

    And mine. Your models just look excellent. I constantly have this fight in my head about whether I should build in 1/48 or 1/96. 1/48 gives the opportunity for nice details (especially for one with fat fingers) while 1/96 is a compromise for space (for when it comes to storing a 1/48 Saturn 5).

    And london, your builds are clean and well built, You have nothing to be ashamed of.

    I'm glad people show their efforts here, as it is inspiring to see what can be achieved and pushes me to try harder to get a nice clean build. Nice work all of you.
  4. bigstu

    bigstu New Member

    1/48 for detail, 1/96 for space (no pun intended). That metal finish is very good
  5. Jean Paul CY

    Jean Paul CY New Member

    I found this message, it is very interresting to get an old model of Atlas-AgenaD..... but.....There is a problem with the page 6 to 6 when I get it .... somebody one can help me ?
    best regards
  6. Jean-Paul, the last page is the same as the one used in the other model of the Atlas on the site, the mercury/atlas build. You can use that one for the corrupt page 6. I think it was mentioned on the site itself, too.
    This one! And there are even more models.

    By the way, Wayne, your rocket garden is a very pretty one. Nice uniform pedestals, good clean builds and impressive in the way they are positioned next to eachother. Nothing wrong with that!
  7. Jean Paul CY

    Jean Paul CY New Member

    Many Thanks for the information ! It is a very pleasure to find the first paper space desings ... Only 10 years old !!!
    I hope build all the Precis paper spaces launchers I download..... If you know others I shall be happy .
    Thanks again
    Jean Paul
  8. luxair_ca

    luxair_ca New Member

    very nice and impressive collection....hopefully i am able to build my rockets so clean and nice someday ...

    greetings from Luxembourg

  9. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    I gotta say, I'm glad someone necro threaded this!

    I'm stunned and hereby grant this the:

    Model of the Week!
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  10. SWA2873

    SWA2873 New Member

    Very nice

  11. Big Al

    Big Al Member


    Good Stuff keep it coming!!!

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