Model of The Month TWO!: Battlestar Galactica TOS Colonial Warrior Blaster 1:1

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Revell-Fan, Aug 1, 2010.

  1. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    Do you really need that piece of fegarcarb?:p
    POP-TARTS are better cold anyways.:twisted:
  2. ColonyDude

    ColonyDude New Member

    looks really good
  3. MTK

    MTK Active Member

    I really can't wait to see what you have to show us. We have so many fly-by-night posters, that just come in here to take files and do nothing, I can't wait to see what you're going to do.!:thumb:
  4. MTK

    MTK Active Member

    You're not one of those guys that's just looking to make enough posts to get one file, are you? No! Of course not!announce1
  5. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    Hello again!

    The physical model is (finally) on its way. The block strategy is working fine. All parts are logically conceived and can be assembled like lego stones. They fit only in their intended positions, the model gains stability, minor alignment problems and inaccuracies are covered by other parts. 90 % of the parts are unfolded and standing by for test building. Some of them are pretty tricky, so the blaster is suitable for the advanced modeler (beginners may give it a try though, too! :mrgreen:).

    These are the first 13 parts of the blaster, unfolded and assembled. I am making a white model first to save ink. Despite expectations the big aft block has proven to be the hardest part to unfold and assemble so far. It looked so easy and elegant on paper, but putting it together was a nightmare. The pictures show the first try. It is flawed because I used water-based glue which caused torsion. In addition, the part was so compact that the small recessed areas at the end cap couldn't be assembled any more. The second version was discarded because of alignment problems. The third one looks better and will become the final one. I chopped the block into three segments which makes assembly much easier; I hope it overcomes any torsion problems, too, even if you use solvent-free glue. The existing cutting lines will be covered by a textured piece of paper.

    The handle is a bit weak and needs some reinforcement. This will be done by adding a simple box between the two halfs which will prevent the handle from being crushed by a strong grip and which will serve as a battery case. It will be covered by the raised texture part of the handle. :twisted:

    I am also redesigning the muzzle. My first idea was to simply add strips of paper to the front cylinder to create the raised areas. Now I see that it is necessary (and possible) to actually create 3D elements which are glued to the surface. Unfortunately, this increases the number of parts and makes assembly a bit more time-consuming, however, the overall appearance will benefit from it in the end.

    And I can tell you one more thing: If you believed that the windows of the Buck Rogers Thunderfighter Quad were difficult, wait till you see the greeblies of the blaster. They are small, and they are many..! :p:p:p:p

    CU! :wave:

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  6. eugentoth

    eugentoth New Member

    cool i can't to see the finish model
  7. MTK

    MTK Active Member

    Frakkin Aye! Nice work, can't wait to build this.:mrgreen:
  8. Big Al

    Big Al Member

    This is so cool!!!!! Can't wait to see it!
  9. MTK

    MTK Active Member

    I know, me too.:thumb:
  10. Rissa

    Rissa New Member


    That really is some amazing work. Cant wait to see the entire thing done.

    Very nice.
  11. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    The revised muzzle is ready. Fortunately there are only three different detail pieces which have to be unfolded :mrgreen: . Unfortunately each piece appears 16 times on the model, so it has to be assembled 16 times :cry: .

    I have finally solved the aft block problem, too. I chopped it into two halfs which makes assembly much easier. In addition, you won't experience any torsion problems any more even if you use water-based glue. However, the foldings are still veeery tricky, so take your time. And if everything fails, you may print the parts again and give it another try. Due to the flash you don't see the foldings clearly (one of the disadvantages of photographing a white model; I hope to get a better contrast when it comes to the textured model). cb25.jpg shows the current state of the blaster (the gaps will diasspear once all parts are glued together).

    Stay tuned! :wave:

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  12. OB10

    OB10 New Member

    Thumbs Up!

    That is continuing to look very cool! Good job! :thumb: A few years ago, I never would have even considered that making a paper model of this was even possible. Just goes to show how far the artform and skill level of people has come.

    I don't remember if you mentioned this, but what are you using to model it? It looks like SketchUp, but I suppose there may be other programs that render out like that.

  13. mayagaarda

    mayagaarda New Member

    This is really cool, would love to see a project for the gun in the new series - dont' know wether it's called blaster as well.
  14. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    Yep, it's SketchUp!
  15. OB10

    OB10 New Member

    Pretty frakking cool! Gotta love it!
  16. MTK

    MTK Active Member

    Coming along nicely RF. Looking forward to updates.:thumb:
  17. Revell-Fan

    Revell-Fan Co-Administrator Administrator

    Be patient, they will come! (Life's been very busy lately.... as always!!!) :wave:
  18. rysjin

    rysjin New Member

    Hey RF glad ta see some updates for this project. I had completely forgot about it but you didn't it's lookin good an you've made alot of progress I see you've been solving alot of problems that popped up during your test build awesome work bra.
  19. Big Al

    Big Al Member

    More Pics!!! More Pics!!!!
  20. Ingchao

    Ingchao New Member

    ^Yeah what Big Al said! Awesome work so far BTW!

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