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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by nscalesteve, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. nscalesteve

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  2. Catt

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    Great choice Steve.Thar design must have been very common for that road as there is almost a carbon copy of it less than 40 miles from me,and I live at least 800 miles from Toxie.
  3. txcavgr

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    Catt, there is another one, about 2/3 of the size, further down the line in Yarmouth. Very beautiful buildings. After figuring out how to do it, RMC did the plans in July. Ugh!
  4. Pitchwife

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    Any idea how the round roof was done? :confused: :confused: :cool:
  5. txcavgr

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    I cut triangular pieces as formers, then glued thin acetate pieces over that, giving me an angular roof section. Then I used putty and filled in to round it out. Sanded it smooth enough to glue shingles to. Didn't want it too smooth because I wanted the glue to stick to the putty. The guy who did the RMC article did his the same way - he even gives you templates in the article for all of the formers!

    By the way, here is a pic of the similar Yarmouth depot:
  6. Pitchwife

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    :cool: :cool: :thumb: :thumb:
  7. absnut

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    Toxie, is the Yarmouth station still a flower shop?

  8. txcavgr

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    yes, village florist. nice women who work in there, ask nicely and they will let you drool over the station interior. Decent condition, its a working shop, but its been kept up to say 80% of the level of Gorham (which is 100% perfect).
  9. philip

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    nice job!

    Brian, Very nice! :thumb: I know that had to be a pain to construct. There was one in my neck of the wood that burned down years ago. Thats style of architecture is always crying out "Model Me Dammit". The enclosure is from New Albany, Indiana.
    It was Kentucky & Indiana or Monon RR.........

    Philip :D

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