Model of meritorious mention Sulaco 1:430 scale

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Marco Scheloske, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Thanks! :wave:

    I'm using this little trick at several areas during this build:

    - pylon
    - Railguns top and bottom
    - Connection bow and middle piece of hull
    - Conenction middle piece of hull and engine
    - "arms" at top of middle piece (at least the front portion of them).

    Otherwise I would be not able to get the model into my car to transport it to cardboard modeler meetings and exhibitions.
  2. Zathros

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    Magnets are incredible. I used to work with dime size ones that could take the very tip of skin of your finger off if they pinched it. They could only be separated by sliding them away from each other. I am surprised they are not used more. :)
  3. Last friday the first laser-cut acrylic parts arrived. It is my own design, two seperate bases for the bow which are following the contour of the ship's bottom, and later 2 or 3 for the middle section and engine. I'm amazed how the model looks sitting upon the transparent bases (it seems to be "free floating" somehow) - but take a look by yourself:




  4. Zathros

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    Beautiful Marco. Understated beauty! I look forward to seeing this mounted. Do you plan to have a case or made plans to cover , or display this. It will be a dust magnet. Worse if you have pets. I'll be interested to see what you come up with. Maybe something from the BauHaus movement. You stand reminds me of the form follows function style. :)
  5. You're absolutely right! In this case it was the way to got, as I need a stand which is

    - sturdy enough to hold the model
    - small enough to be transported in my little car
    - inconspicuos so that he won't take more attention than the model itself.

    The transparent acrylic pieces fit into this "rules" perfectly, IMHO.
  6. Zathros

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    Aesthetically, it almost disappears from the model, which is also pretty darn sweet. Are you going to have a big overall cover. I hate three pets, and their dander seems to have some kind of collective intelligence. They have selected my models to go to, as some sort of Mecca or place of convergence! :)
  7. Not in the near future (an acrylic cover of that size would be pretty expensive. The stands alone will cost me approx. 100,- - 120,- Euro).

    I have pets, too (a little dog and a cat), but the model won't be on display at home - I have not enough room to show it completely mounted! Well, not enough room I'ld get permission from my wife to use it for the model, to be exact. :mrgreen:

    It will be stored in boxes made from styrofoam and only on display at exhibitions and modeling meetings. Therefor dust or my pets won't be a problem.

    Here is an example of such a self-build box (the one for the bow), it is not only for storage, but also to transport the modules safely:


  8. dnalor

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    sehr schön..:)

    She looks great..AND THAT ONLY for exhibitions and meetings..?
    She earns a great place in your house!..
    I walk every day with a big smile when i see my falcon...and that was worth every minute of work.

    Any lights or Fx in it?..sorry at this moment i'm complete lights fixated :)
  9. Zathros

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    I can understand why you would put it away. The next best would be in a recessed wall, with a sheet of glass, which is cheaper, or course, the recess could cost a lot! :)
  10. I agree... but the only way to display her would be to store away 15 - 20 of my other build models to have the room for the SULACO. Plus the expensive needed dust cover.

    No lights. Only paper.
  11. DanBKing

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    Stand & Deliver..!!! (Or, rather, Stand & Display!! )

    Looking fantastic, Marco.

    Keep up the brilliant work! :thumb:

    The clear acrylic stand seems perfect. I am going to do something similar with my current Discovery build. I am not that keen on the stand supplied with the model and intend to use 2 clear stands near the engine mount and near the command sphere mount. If that works, I'm then going to build a clear acrylic case, (with a wooden base,) to display her.......
    Its gonna cost me for the acrylic though. The model is near on 1.5m long when built! But, well worth the expense to keep her looking pristine!:cool:
  12. Thanks!

    By the way, when I'm done with the complete stand-set anyone who wants to make a set on his own can ask me for the files, I'll share them for free. Those should work with all lasercut services.

    Mh, maybe I should ask Jan if he wants to get the files, too, so that they can be downloaded from his Sulaco website?
  13. Jan added the files for the acrylic stands I made for the SULACO bow to his website for download:

    I'll send him the files for the stands of the middle piece of the ship and the engine module also as soon as I have my prototypes of them so that I'm sure everything will fit.
  14. KGC

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    Thank you Marco! The stends are fantastic!
  15. Your're welcome, and thanks for the praise.

    Sharing those files is the least I can do to thank Jan for sharing his amazing work.
  16. Hangar section is done:



    Next: The reactor.
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    That picture should be in a dark room, with a light aimed at the opening! Looking great! :)
  18. Well...


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    NICE! So if I have my bearings right . . . . that's the opening that Ripley used to eject the queen alien from Sulaco. Ok . . . . so only thing we need now is a scaled down queen. (And I'm not talking about Elizabethsign1)
  20. Zathros

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    Yeah!! That's excellent! :) :thumb:

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