Model of Meritorious Mention: Jans ALIENS APC M-557

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by silveroxide, May 26, 2013.

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    This was well worth the wait! Thank you for another educational build! Your Tips and techniques really inexpensively enhance the model!
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    I showed this to my wife, who has to interest in anything unless it is cute, and she was amazed at the detail. You did a fantastic job. It would be nice if you kept templates of what you did. I could always clean them up in Rhino. Then again, it's kind of like asking an artists to make a "paint by number" version of the artwork. Well done! The APC to beat! :)
  3. silveroxide

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    There so many well wishes and kudos, that it hard to answer each and every one. I still have a few more photos to upload of the finished model but I am pleased that it was received with so much enthusiasm. As I mentioned in the beginning, I wanted to do this version of Jan Ruckrs APC for a long time but I did not get around to it until Skoda built his. The details would have worked wonders for the size of his version and it would make a great lit-up version with the inside panels glowing in the dark. I was also working up my idea for that railing system and I was surprised as to how it came out. Jan made some fantastic plans and I just embellished them some more. Again, thanks to ALIENS99 for his work and effort in designing this model. I hope that you have all enjoyed my thread, as much as I did in constructing it. It made me think a lot out of the box and I went overboard in all of my little secrets and techniques. If just one person out there learned something from my works, then it was all well worth the while in the making. Until the next post or the next build, God Bless and enjoy.:thumb:
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    excuse me silveroxide for a uninformed question, I have never seen that circle unit. Can you tell me who makes it?
  5. silveroxide

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