Model-making is not for the weak

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  1. stmoon

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    My horror story

    Hello every one,
    I was using a x-acto the wrong way one day. A pun! So I paid in the usual way,I stabbed my hand when I slipped on cutting a plastic sprue.:oops::oops:
    J Moon
    exsts/ss usnavy guy
  2. marinesniper2008

    marinesniper2008 New Member

    hey that hurt

    i remember building a balsa plane at 13 and i was in a hurry and i reached over to get a skin and forgot about the hot iron my dad was using and man i did not know i could move that fast, the heat went it hit my forearm i came out of my seat and said a bad word in fron t of my dad. instead of him checking my arm he cracked my behind and sent me to mom so she could fix me... now i will not ever put a glue gun next to me ...
  3. zathros

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    I rarely use x-acto blades. I have a lot of very fine scissors. I use x-acto blades when I can't get in here, and they shine, but much be treated with great respect. I'd hate to bleed out over a model, it would mean starting out all over again! :)

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