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    As i am here again, i want to ask you all some Questions.

    I need symbols-explanation in my builds. So i added the symbols with my translations.
    So want to ask you all if its at least understandable, or even better what is a good and proper line for all of those ?

    I hope you can /want to help....

    Best regrads

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  2. shrike

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    There was this partial set that was worked up a number of years ago

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  4. jaffro

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    Nosports = Chreiss?

    I just figured out that you are the same guy that designed the "nosports crane" I have on my HD, along with all the other excellent construction type models you have done.

    I just want to thank you for those models, they are very high on my list of "must build" models, as i use a lot of those "toys" in my line of work (demolition).

    Do you have any new models in the works? Do you have plans to release any in colour or will they always be white "prototype" designs?

    I am really keen to try your excavator and crane, but all of your designs are so damn good to be honest they scare me. :D
  5. Lex

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    nosports = chiress...?!! Haven't realised that! Yes we all love your designs!! Back on topic...

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