Model Art P-51 D MUSTANG 375 FS

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by dwgannon, Jul 2, 2005.

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    Personnally I propose to stay as far away as possible from rigid societally impossed standards, adhere to my mediocrity ... and save a fortune on postage to the lower left rim of Oceania in the process.

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    Your points are well taken. Like far as I know. there are exactly NO places to buy card models in my state, or even region..........well maybe in the big cities like Atlanta, or New Orleans.
    Heck...........until just recently there were only two count them two people signed up on this site from my entire state. Now there are three, so far as I know.

    In your country card modeling is a very well established and respected hobby. Here in the USA most people can not believe that anyone can and does build models entirely out of paper. Like Gil has stated many times.............we always get "that's made out of paper!!??" and them the next words are, "What kind of paper do you use, is it special?" and I have to tell them I print out my own models and they really go crazy.

    Speaking for myself I've only been doing this since September of last year. And boy do I have a long way to go to even get close to some of the builds I've seen here and on the Polish site. I don't think I will live long enough to get to the skill level of most of the people posting on the Polish site. So I get a kick out of building models, I only do it to keep my hands, eyes and mind sharp. And I'm trying to improve, so building many different models of the same plane helps me to get a little better. I learn from my mistakes and then have new ones to improve on. So it really is better to buy downloadable kits, because no mater how slow I got I'm going to screw something up. It's the nature of the

    Don't get me wrong...........I do wish I could do the great jobs, but that is just not possible at this time. So I enjoy looking at all the others that are very very good and keep trying.

    There are pre-printed kits that are fantastic, and people have made truely umbelievable models from them. Frankly I'm too afraid to cut up the ones I've bought because I know I will mess something up. So I download models for all of the previously stated reasons.

    Who knows at the rate computers and printers are day downloaded models will be better than those that are pre-printed.

  3. dwgannon

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    No the P-51D is not finished. I have had a set back in my health and have just not got back into it yet. But I will finish it. I am also trying to decide what to build for the upcoming competition. I was going to do the Space Shuttle but that is on hold. Having problems with it.

    I do value your opinion and I love your work. If I could go down town and by the model, I would and probably enjoy it so much more. As for the silver printing you are correct. Unless I buy special paper, it’s not going to happen. But just so you know I have a few of the Maly, Fly Model, GPM, Kartonowy Arsenal (A. Haliński) and Paper Trade. I have the flying wing setting here but like John I am scared to death to start it. If I screw up that’s another $30.00 that I would have to spend for another one. Thanks for the input. Also I hope you enjoyed your time at the beach.

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    Howdy Guys,

    I dont know bout ya'lls area in the US, but as far as printers making "quality copies", the counterfieters here in arkansas have been having a field day with twenty dollar bills. Now I am sure they aren't the same quality as they would be if you could get them printed on a printing press, but apparently the inkjet printer has made over $100,000 recently here in arkansas alone.
    The police arrested three men a few counties over from me who apparently were printing off their own $20's and had been doing it for sometime on their home computer.
    So, I would have to say if they were able to get away with something like that for as long as they did, printers must make fairly good copies.

    have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
  5. Bowdenja

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    Hey Dave,

    Sorry to hear about the setback. :( Hope things are going better now.

    Glad we kinda agree on the pre-printed models........I thought I was just being dumb not wanting to cut them up. :( Maybe one day I be as confident as Tad and the other guys who have been doing this a long time. :D

    Can't wait to see the Mustang when you finish, and I'd like to see the Hellcat if you got any pictures. I like them big blue planes! :D

    Take it easy and get better soon, not feeling good is a bummer. Been kinda down lately myself, but nothing like what you've been through!

    Take care. :D


    Hey GW don't get any ideas about them twenties.......those FED boys DO NOT play around!

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    LoL John,

    oh I know they dont play around. I was pointing out that the printers they use have all been inkjets according to the local paper, and all have been caught.
    And since they have all been caught, maybe its not the best quality reproduction but apprently its good enough for them to think they can get away with a crime.
    I just wanted to dismiss the notion that printers dont give a good quality of print, of course it depends on style and type of printer, but how much more highly reccomended could a printer be than from someone who uses them "proffessionally" like a counterfieter. There are three guys in the newspaper who thought they were pretty good, although the Feds didnt quite see it like that lol.

    Have a good day,

    Greg aka GW

    ps. (and this is just a joke) I tried counterfieting once, but i had a hard time cutting out the dimes and nickels.
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    Going back to the Mustang (and other planes designed by Mr. Zarkov)
    Could somebody explain to me why on all of them he leaves behind a centerline on fuselage and engine segments?
    Sometimes there should be a panel line there, most of the time there shouldn't be anything there.
    On printed kit it is impossible to get rid of it, on electronic version it can be done, however it's very time consuming due to the way he creates camouflage (different shades on the border line)
    Example of what I'm talking about: Look at the P-51D model - engine cowling should have a panel line on top, but in the model there is only a centerline. Panel right in front the cockpit and rear fuselage should be clear but there is the line....
    While I can live with that in Whirlwind, Me-109G, P-40M, P-39F - all reasonably priced, kit like P-51D for $18.50 is rather unacceptable for me.

    I raised this topic before concerning his other planes but never got any answer, not from modeleres, not from Mr. Zarkov. Maybe this time it will be different...
  8. dwgannon

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    As much as I would like to post some of the pictures, I can't the rules state that you can not have any pictures published on the web. Or the P-51D would have been in there already.

    We could always re-color one of these planes in twentys. :)
  9. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    Good question. Only the designer can answer that. I have never got in to that much detail. But I did go to your site and have decided that I need to get your P-61. I can't take it any more. I will Try to get it tomorrow after I transfer some money to my Paper account.
  10. dimas Karabas

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    Hi all, due to move my internet was cut off, but now I am back and have a lot to say.
    Starting with downloadable models:

    The fastest download I had was from DeWayne models. It is almost instant, with respect to Zarkov's models it takes forever, more then 2 days after you sent a couple of reminder emails.

    I strongly support all the modelers who print their models. My humble printer Epson C66 produces an amazing quality of print, in most cases better then commercially printed kits.

    I just got a fresh batch of paper models, one of which is Pe 2 from Modelik, let me tell you, I can see white paper underneath the print. The print quality is not the best. My printer does a way better job!

    The only models that I can not match are Halsinki’s I 16 and some others that have a lot of silver/metallic prints or real weathering.

    But, I could print BF 109 from Halsinki from a scan and it looks awesome!

    In addition, no model can be built from a box without making some mistakes. There are wrongly cut parts, mist fits that have to be corrected and so on.

    Working on my Brewster from both Halsinki and Marek, I must have printed some parts -2-3 times, just to make it look good.

    And now, after assembling the canopy, I am not satisfied with the results, so I am back to re printing the whole canopy. Not possible to do with commercial model!

    In addition, please visit this site and see for yourself that all the models are made from scans:

    With respect to a price, 18:50 is way too much for a model of Dr. Zarkov's quality...
    When I bought my first Model from him, Mig 3 for more then $10 Canadian it was barely worth it. But now, for 18:50 it is more then $24 for one model? I do not think so.

    People forget that to make a model you need a paper, about 30 dollars for a batch, ink, more then $100 for refills. These are inevitable expenses that are on top of the price of a downloadable kit.

    Anyways, every one has its own ideas and preferences, some people do not care about money, and some do.

    I personally have a standard of how much the model is worth to me. If for example I want Halsinki’s P- 38, I do not care if I have to pay 15-20 dollars for it, I just want it. The problem is no one has it!

    Prices for other models just make me laugh, such as two different versions of P- 51 from Zarkov, each for 18:50.

    I bought a CD from Gremir models of He -100, it has two versions on one CD, the Russian and Japanese camouflages for 10 dollars plus shipping.

    Anyways, good luck to all the makers, sellers and producers, the market will level the filed.
  11. NYC Irish

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    wow a can of worms just got opened...

    Well I think Dimas said it well. Earlier today I got two kits from Card and all in all if I do not think of the price ($27) for the two :shock: :evil: :evil: :evil: :shock: Ill be happy....they are good kits, but as usual they need weathering. I am looking forward to attempting them and adding the to my collection of Zarkov Designed kits.

    But thats it for me... I got two single seater kits for $27

    you guys running should have a look around the web to your competitors and see how the market operates in terms of pricing, quality and CUSTOMER SERVICE...
    its a real crying shame to be ripping off customers. Its a shame to offer two of the same kit other than markings separately, the two P51 kits for $18.50 might have been reasonable but....

    I was told that it is not Dr. Zarkov who decides the price but Web Systems Ltd who own and are, for obvious reasons, in it for the money. Repeated questions about the p-51 before purchasing it were ignored as were all questions about the quality and lack of promised updates of the WK and SS1...

    I just got the Bf109 so I didnt feel bad for only getting one kit for nealy $20...I got 2 kits for nearly $30...nah I still feel bad :( :(
    I dunno...its a real pity and IM done with that site

    John John
  12. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    John John,
    Look at the BF109. You will see that it contains two version. But your right. I found a problem with the F6F-5 one of the easy parts had the wing in the wrong color for the rest of the plan. So I sent an e-mail to customer service. Got nothing so far.
  13. OldSalt

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    Maybe the last dozen or so posts need to be moved to a new thread? We seem to have gotten off the subject of bulding the Mustang...

    Just my 2 cents...
  14. Bowdenja

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    Heck leave it.......... makes a good soap opera!

    Hows the Whirlwind coming?

  15. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    I would recommend contacting the designer himself, possibly through one of his posts up top here..

    Its the site owners/runners that may not be helpful

    John John
  16. dwgannon

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    Okay folks, I have completed the competition Aircraft. Now let’s finish this puppy “P-51D†so I can finish the F6F-3, that you see in the back ground. Included are the shots of one of the landing gear installed. After Talking with GW I decided to try some thing different. The wire used in the gear was a Trash bag twist tie. With the paper removed. It shaped out quite well. I was worried about it holding the weight. But with the paper wrapped around it, it's working well. :lol:
  17. dwgannon

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    Okay folks, I have completed the competition Aircraft. Now let’s finish this puppy “P-51D†so I can finish the F6F-3, that you see in the back ground. Included are the shots of one of the landing gear installed. After Talking with GW I decided to try some thing different. The wire used in the gear was a Trash bag twist tie. With the paper removed. It shaped out quite well. I was worried about it holding the weight. But with the paper wrapped around it, it's working well. :lol:
  18. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    And one more shot. Hope to finish this up today or tomorrow.
  19. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    And one more shot. Hope to finish this up today or tomorrow.
  20. dimas Karabas

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    Looking good!!

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