Model Art P-51 D MUSTANG 375 FS

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by dwgannon, Jul 2, 2005.

  1. Hi Emil . . .

    nice to meet you here . . .

    Best regards
  2. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    Dr. Z
    I am sure the bearing was my fault. I have a bad habit of using 67# card stock for the connecting strips. I feel plain paper is to flimsy. I did not mean for that to be a problem. Must read it before I hit send. :oops: Plus we do not all cut the same. But the white stripe is a problem. The Wife says your welcome ;) on the wheel wells thought. I will finish it up this weekend and get some pictures posted. Then we will do it all over again, later. I still have an F6F-3 Hellcat to do. I have question on that one. But that is for a later build. 8) I am still trying to tell my self to buy the other one you have. :roll:
  3. jijo

    jijo New Member

    Hi Dave G,
    I appreciate very high your comments about the kit.
    I’d like to add some comments about ModelArt parts cutting.
    The best results can be obtained if you cut the parts in the MIDLE of the lines. P51D and the all other kits are using different thickness of the parts edges lines. Those ones that should not be visible on the completed model, but must present as parts of its geometry approximation, are drawn with the minimal possible thickness. The other edges lines, that present also on the real thing as a panel joints are much thicker. The theoretical place of the cutting is also in their midlines, NOT outside them.
    From now on it will be explicitly pointed in the kits instructions.
    BTW: you can see completed Hellcat model at

    Emil Zarkov
  4. jijo

    jijo New Member

    Hi Thomas,
    It’s a pleasure to see you in this forum.
    What about laser cutting? Can you supply the P51 and the other ModelArt /and not only ModelArt/ aircraft models’ wheels as a precut card parts?
    Best regards,
  5. Hi Emil,

    this is definitely an easy task! Just let me have the vector files
    of what needs to be cutted and off it goes . . .
    We have unexpected sales success in Germany and US with
    those laserparts . . . and: We can cut whatever you want . . .
    In quantities beginning at "1"

    May I propose to discuss this further by e-mail?
    Maybe these nice people here will find a private business
    discussion a bit boring here . . . :D

    All the best
  6. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    I don't know Thomas I think you peaked my interest. There are some parts that are difficult for me to cut. You just might find some side business here.
  7. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    Dr. Z
    If you just get board with the fighter type aircraft you can always do a KC-135 A/R Tanker. :):):)
  8. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Hey Dave,

    If not the KC-135 how about the EC-135, or E-3A?

    1/48 scale or BIGGER!!
  9. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    Hope you dont mind me throwing some ideas up here...
    Here in Europe a lot of Magazines are published for young and old with pieces of a large model in each Issue. While it may take a year to two or more to complete the kit, It allows for the designer to start recouping costs sooner rather than waiting for a finished kit. It also allows for a huge and detailed kit to be built at a decent pace.( the fortezza ISS is a great kit but if it were complete I doubt I would be interested in putting the handrails and other micro details rather than moving onto the next module)

    So the KC-135...sounds like a great plan...Kit Module #1 would be the 4 engines...#2 body #3 wings #4 Tail section # 5 Main gear and refueling Probe... by the end of it thats about $100, but over a year it would be a nice investment...Im ready to send a downpayment...

    John John
  10. . . . a little off topic


    personally I never saw such "part-work" models published in Germany . . .
    Would you mind to let me know a bit more about this?
    Please feel free to send me an email off-list.

    Have a nice weekend + best regards
  11. bholderman

    bholderman Member

    I asked about this in Lighthouse's thread regarding their new magazine (which is great by the way, learned a few new things already). Does anyone have any links to these magazines, it would be cool to get a monthly read on paper models.

  12. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member

    Re: . . . a little off topic

    Sorry guys I didnt mean that they were Paper Models in the partworks, It was more of suggestion of how some compnaies worked. I have seen all types of these magazines, One eventually built a Dinosaur Skeleton that glowed in the dark, another was and RC car, at the moment there is an RC Spitfire too...

    It was more of a suggestion to companies, sorry for giving you the impression that there were paper models

    John John
  13. John John et alii,

    aahh - so I was not wrong believing that cardmodels weren't yet
    subjects of partworks. There w a s a wooden model of the
    "Bounty" issued as partwork by Panini in Europe.

    The idea to publish cardmodels also as a partwork is indeed a
    good one - and I've tried to get some information about subjects
    like these if they were existing - to prevent the wheel's second

    As they do not exist, I will seriously think about this alternative
    in publishing cardmodels - indeed there are some projects on
    my desk which will fit perfectly into it.

    Have a nice weekend
  14. NYC Irish

    NYC Irish Member


    Hello gang..I was looking at the kit in the card-models site, trying to get over the price to buy it and I noticed that two corrected sheets have been added, 4 & 5...I took a look at them, very very nice....

    Im going downstairs to get my credit card :shock: :shock:

    John John
  15. Tad

    Tad Member

    Dwagonn - your plane looks really great. Even the canopy glued looks good. I see your'e resonable modeller.

    But I have some generall thought. For price you've spend on this model you could buy two (2) cartoon models from A. Haliński (here is an exapmle of one less detailed from Mały Modelarz, hovever probably better and more precisingly designed than this from E. Zarkov - and see the price: - on this auction I sold once P 51 from AH for 8 $) - much more detailed, without mistakes which are announced by designer when you are almost at finish with your job and without any other surprises. Then why buying something what is so expensive, must be printed on your own and doesn't guarantee the highest fidelity? Maybe it's better idea to look at such auction and find what you want: - and do not waste money on something worse? I do not say that you shouldn't buy designs from E. Zarkov - I'm saying that you can choose the better.
    Sorry for language.
  16. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    I understand what you are saying. But here is why, I by from

    1. 18.50 for a 1/32 scale aircraft that I can print many times. Most of the models I buy from him I have built two or three times.
    2. I get the model instantly and do not have to wait.
    3. He does no lock his models in the PDF's so if I want, I can make some changes.
    4. I look at some of the models out there today and you would still pay almost that much by the time you add in shipping and handling.

    Also I have purchased some models already pre-printed. I made a mistake on one and did not scan it. It was out of print and hard to find. So at that point I decided that if I could get it electronically that was the way to go. Now I know some out there would say that the quality of the print is not as good. I would agree with them if I was going to enter the model in a competition that people would be looking closely. Granted my printer can not do chrome, silver and gold. But that is what paint is for. Sorry Tad. I like what Dr. Z has produced so far. Granted, it takes awhile to get the mistakes corrected, but if I e-mail him directly he has always responded. I am waiting right now for a correction sheet on the F6F-5 that he has. I am sure in a few days it will be posted and ready to go. Now you said you sold the model for 8.00 how much was it to ship the model? I have only been doing this for two years now and I have watched the prices increase on the already printed models. NOBI, DeWayne, Dr. Z and a few others that I have done business with have treated me as a customer and they know I will continue to support them. Besides, this is about the only hobby that my health will allow me to do. So if I spend a little more for the enjoyment so be it.
  17. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member


    I can not speak for Dave, but as I purchased the same model, I think I have a right to answer these questions also.

    Ok big deep breath and here goes...................

    You say that buying an already printed model is cheaper, or at least less expensive. Let us see.... True initial price might be cheaper....... at first,....... but you must also add the cost of mailing, time wasted waiting for it to arrive, and remember unless you own a scanner you only have ONE model. If you screw-up a piece that's it. You must start this process over again, AND BUY ANOTHER MODEL!!!! And now you have two and there is little or no savings, and the part you messed up may or may not match color wise.

    Buying a downloadable model allows you to get it NOW, no waiting for the mail. You mess up a part no problem reprint the page. Same paper same printer almost a guarantee it will be an exact match.
    AND I can build as many as I want, that bears repeating I CAN BUILD AS MANY AS I WANT, nothing else to purchase except for paper and ink........if I build two models the price is halved..........three it now been cut into thirds.........see the pattern here. If you like the model and build more than one which is cheaper now, Your one only purchased model or my downloadable model?

    Why do so many people HAVE to re-color, reshape pre-printed models if they contain no errors? Maly Modelars for example. Don't get me wrong I have bought some of them.....and I think my "home-printed" models look MUCH better as far as color, and paper are concerned. AND I have to fix any errors or problems that are in the model. If I remember correctly......... Dr. Zarkov saw our postings, acknowledged the problems, and oh yeah he even fixed them and sent corrections out. Try that with a purchased Maly model.

    Now again I have purchased several pre-printed models, Maly, Fly Model, GPM, Kartonowy Arsenal (A. Haliński), and others. Yes some are very VERY good, others.......not so much. But I also have purchase many more from designers that sell on the net, downloadable models. It's my humble opinion that dealing with them directly.......designers like Dr. Zarkov, Nobi, Roman and others, sellers like DeWayne, Paper AircraftWerks, Paper War Birds and other sites, I acutally think it is a better deal. They seem to be interested in what I want, be it a specific model, or if I have a problem they want it fixed just as fast as I do.

    SO........... in closing(everyone can wake up now) even though the initial price might seem more, downloadable models, for me, are a better deal. I control some of the materials used, and get to ask the designer about problems, if there are any.

    I'm not sorry for the language.

  18. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Wow Dave we posted pretty close!

    Whataya know. We almost said the same thing.


    AND by the way hows the model? We did not see the final product, or did I miss it?
  19. Tad

    Tad Member

    thank you for yours opinions. I didn't think about advantages you've told me. From my point of view it's much cheaper to go to shop and buy it - usually there's no need to order them via post. No printer can do as a real professional publisher - I have no doubt. No one who tries to built good model - on our forums - print it, as printed model can't be really good (e.g. different colours depended on particular printer make it impossibile to compare). Let's look at P 51 - you can't print all his metal or chrome parts, but you can buy well preprinted model WITH such adds. Belive me - there is difference (you know modeller Laszlik - he did perfectly P 51 - as some more people did - it was pre-printed).
    About possibility of damaging something - of course! Thats a part of this job! Becouse of that danger I built everything carefully, slow, and strongly try to avoid any damages. This is a habit of doing good always, without margin for mistakes or failures.
    About building the same model many times - I prefer to build the same machine but from different designer or publisher - this gives me more fun.
    Dwgannon - there is no problem to ship models very good packed and not so costly. I did it many times changing rare models in Poland or even to Israel. As a collector I have a lot of scans of models (also most of E. Zarkov models) but only for my pleasure of watching them. I can spend a lot of money to buy rare model and built it preprinted. I agree that prices of preprinted models aroused lastly dramatically - that's the dark side of this business.
    I understand yours point of view - just presented point of view most of modellers in Poland - as we often discuss this matter. Finally - it doesn't matter what you're building but how are you doing this.

    PS. Dwagonn I mentioned about scans - in case of problem just ask by private message...
  20. barry

    barry Active Member


    Hi tad

    You hit the nail on the head when you said you go into town and buy one as far as I know there is only one vendor of card models in England and he does not have a shop only mail order. After adding something like £10 of postage to cover the shipment from Poland or Germany then the shipment onto the modeller in England he has a problem competing for my business when it is cheaper to ship a disk in from the US in dollars. US postal rates on book type kits are a damn sight cheaper than Europe as well.

    One drawback to me on the published book kits (i am thinking of Hood) no British battleship was ever painted with enamel paints bit expensive but the printing gives this effect. It's OK on destroyers pre 1914 with rich captains, they bought their own paint.

    Obviously it is far different from aircraft.

    Just a thought.


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