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    Well Bo,
    You said you wanted more planes. We here we go. I am now building the BF-109. I had some pictures of the cockpit, but have lost them. So we will start with the cockpit built and I will try to get some snapshots of it. Give me a few hours and the first pictures will arrive. Charging Camera batteries.
  2. dwgannon

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    Model Art MESSERSCHMITT BF-109 G14 (Pictures)

    Here are some of the first pitctures. This time all the mistakes are viewable. The seat is off just a bit. Net next set of Photos will show it fixed.

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  3. dwgannon

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    Model Art MESSERSCHMITT BF-109 G14 (Pictures)

    Here are a few shots with the Seat Adjusted.

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  4. Bowdenja

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    ALRIGHT! Now we're cooking with gas! Thanks Dave!
  5. dwgannon

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    Guess it's time to start working on this thread.
    I found an interesting item I need to share with any one doing this model. you need to be careful wing formers. I cut out the formers, then cut out the notches. I found that once I got the first wing placement former on it was upside down. I am including a picture to help with this explanation. One mistake I made was not looking at the instructions closely on item #2. The Landing gear housing marks on the former must face away from the fuselage. If not then you will be reprinting the page. Cutting it out and making a patch. Like I have to do. I could just cut a new set of formers but that would be to time consuming.

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  6. dwgannon

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    Today we mated the Fuselage skin with the cockpit. This was almost a simple task. Until the wife says, she has an emergency. Her poor reading light has crossed wires and passed away. So must pick up another one tomorrow. So did not get as much done tonight as I had hoped. I have included more pictures for you to view. Also thanks every one for answering the pole question

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  7. bfam4t6

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    What a great build thread. You actually take the time to explain little mishaps that me and any other modeller would probably repruce if we were to build the model. The cockpit looks great. Keep the pics coming!
  8. Bowdenja

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    Cool's looking great. I got this the other day so I'll be needing those tips pretty soon!

    Glad to see you back building again!

  9. dwgannon

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    Thanks Bo. It's been a hard time once again. I am having pain in the bones in my back. But he blood work says I am on the road to recovery. I am going to finish this plane but it will be a slow processes. I am not happy with the canopy as I got glue on it again. This would be the third one. The glue that I am using drys clear but you can still see it on the window panes. Some day I will get better. But enjoy this build.
  10. dimas Karabas

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    Hi dwgannon.
    Sorry to hear about your bones..

    With respect to the glue, use an adhesive paper instead to print the whole canopy. Instead gluing it, just stick it to the glass canopy. I used paper for making CD lables on my La 11 project. page La 11.htm
    Good luck.
  11. Bowdenja

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    Dang Man! Tell us these things! There is no need to hord useful information........even though we have ways to make you talk! :grin:

    You have to remember.............there are some us out here who are mentally challenged and don't come up with useful(great) ideas on our own.........even with electrical prods. :???:

    Seriously that is one fantastic idea and I'm very jealeous that I did not think of it!

    Dave glad your back at it.........even though you really don't feel like it.

    Need anything? Other than sticky paper for trial number 4.


    Oh.............. I'm trying to build Ciesielski's Gee Bee, anyone else have a time with the section after the canopy? That thing is now on round 5. Need more red ink for the printer :grin:
  12. barry

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    canopy glue

    Try using a cotton wool bud and Nail Varnish remover to get the glue off perspex
  13. NYC Irish

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    dwgannon I built the kit about a month ago and Im sorry that I didnt give everyone a heads up on the problems I encountered... Ive kinda given up on gripes about the Modelart Range and felt I needed to just get over my disapointment.

    Yes the Wings formers were the same problem, I was fortunate to notice it before I cut them out as I was trying to make 110% sure I had the couloured wheel well rib facing the inside of the well.
    The cockpit was an SOB, but you have made a great job of it, Dr. Zarkov posted a link to one of my questions about the kit, thats shows another modellers build up...go through my history and you should find it...

    For the canopy I just cut the windows panes from the card page and spray glued it to a sheet of transparency(After sutibly colouring the insides) and was happy with the result

    Best of Luck
    John John
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    Thanks for all the hints. I do have one new rule. Never build at 3:30 AM American Central time while in pain. Bad move on Dave's part. I did not want to post this picture, but I must remain honest. I am still a newbie so there will be mistakes. I assembled the back end of the fuselage. I did not see my blunder until I cam home from work. But it will not look bad from a distance. I have not attached the windscreen yet so I have time to re-do it. I will take all suggestions I can get. And Yes electric shock can make you talk. My Pacemaker is good at that. The defibrillator mode can wake you up. LOL. Back to the project.

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    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Dave,

    I am looking at the photo trying to determine what mistake you made. I mean the seat isnt in the cockpit backwards or anything is it? lol If so, just take a sharpie marker and write "Falsche Weise Feldman" (Wrong way Feldman) where the pilots name would be on the side of the fuselage lol.
    But seriously, it looks good to me so far, keep the pics coming.....even the ones you dont like.
    Like Chancellor Bismarck once said "A fool learns from his mistakes, a smart man learns from the other guys mistakes" or something to that effect. Since I have yet to build this model, I wanna learn from yours lol.:smile:

    Have a good eveing,

    Greg aka GW

  16. Bowdenja

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    OK Dave............I feel like I'm doing that find the mistake game when you have two drawings with very subtle know like in Highlights Magazine..................ONLY I HAVE ONE PICTURE!!!

    What's wrong with it? :-?

  17. dwgannon

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    Look at the seam just in front of the curve. There is a Gap with white showing though. I hate that. I marked the sides of the card stock with Gray. I just for got to color the connecting strip. But I am happy with the build so far.
  18. Bowdenja

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    Shoot Man! No wonder I didn't see it..............mine look like that all the time ;-) :grin:

    There is no worse critic than an artist looking at his own work. :grin:

  19. dwgannon

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    Small problem is fixed. Some how the skin came loose. So I glued it back on and the gap just happened to disappear. Imagine that. But any way the gun's are a bugger to put on. I would suggest that you start at the center and work around. Make sure that the depression are deep enough.

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  20. Tad

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    Hi Dwagonn
    - nice job with your plane. Go on with it.

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