Model Airplanes in Aluminum

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  1. I really don't know if this is the appropriate place to drop this in but oh well

    This stuff is absolutely unbelievable. The primary material is aluminum sheet stock.
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    Maybe tooling foil will come into fashion here...,


    P.S. Maybe we'd better let this one lie, we already have those who are wondering why they should build card models let alone confuse them with someone building in the ultimate medium; that which the full scale subject was built from...,

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    Howdy Mark, Gil,

    Well, I consider it acceptable, just cause they are models, I know I have made more than one post pointing to links of aluminum models beforew and there have been others. Some of them are beautiful aircraft and fun to look at. There was a posting last month about a man who builds from aluminum and some of his aircraft sell for as much as $10,000.00 each.

    Have a good day,

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    Hmm. Interesting. I know, that some people use aluminum foil when wrapping plastic planes. Then they look like made from bare metal (another way to achieve such effect is to use airbrush and metalizer paint. And much polishing then :)). Strange, but I know that people from the east (my country, Russia) prefer wrapping foil, while people from the west (USA, UK) prefer metalizers.

    But this is really interesting.

    Wrapping aluminum foil (strange conversion with paper and plastic, but aluminum is wrapped like in plastic models): (scroll some pages and you will see :shock: )

    Using metalizer:

    Thats all. Good luck! ;)
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    Hi Mindaugas,
    nice to meet you over here! ;-)
    Anyway, covering plastic model aircraft with aluminium foil was quite "en vogue" already in the mid-70-ies, I remember having seen a beautifully finished Mirage III C in 1:32 back in ´75. As I completely converted to cardboard I wonder now if there is a way to cover some paper aircraft in aluminium foil.
    Should not be too difficult: I could think of a way to place let´s say palm-sized pieces of foil onto a piece of perfectly clean glass (window pane or anything) then get it smooth with a swab of cotton wool. Place a photocopy of the aircraft or whatever you want to cover over it and attach both the alum and the copy down on the glass with adhesive tape. Using a very sharp, new blade to cut out the contours of the part you want to cover and stick it onto the cardboard model. As these parts will probably tend to be slightly smaller than the surface of the cardboard model there even will be some neat panel lines just in the right places and softly rub it onto the cardboard.
    My main question is what kind of "invisible" glue to use so it won´t show up as roughness on the finished model. every bit of dust beneath the aluminim foil will show up veeery clearly.
    With plastic models I used half-dry clear "Revell" glossy lacquer to stick the alum onto the surface.

    Greetings, Martin
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    Aluminum Foil Paper

    Hello All,

    This subject has been ongoing for several years. is an unreliable site for any work that needs long term preservation. Most contributors have given up posting any work that needs long term preservation for others to learn by.

    Aluminum Foil Paper can be used to build card models but you'll run into several problem areas that need solution in order to build in the conventional sense. I explored this medium for some time now and have been able to reach some successful conclusions in those experiments.

    To be brief the techniques and methods require an additional level of complication above the average building methods and can be quite frustrating. The rewards are quite spectacular, nothing like this can be approached using the standard techniques of paper. I went through the archive and dug out the following images to give a taste of what's involved.


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    I have been browsing a bit thru the fiddlers green homepage, where they display a stunning Grumman J2F Duck amphibian aircraft in aluminium paper finish. A link leads to who have 46 lb. Silver Metallic Paper on offer, which seems to be compatible with most ink printers. Results look stunning. Anybody having experiences with this stuff?

    Greetings, Martin
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    I have used it several times. If you look in my gallery, there is an F-100
    I used it on. I am working on Rob's DC-9, with the wings/tail done in
    this paper. It is a little thin for my liking, but it accepts inks well which
    opens up the finish possibilities. The coating that does take the ink, can
    peel off if gotten wet (to much glue, etc) but it is a welcome addition
    to the workbench for me.

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    Hey Ray,

    Have you tried laminating it to heaver paper with either contact cement or a spray adhesive? Maybe attaching it to say a 24# or 28# paper for support.


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