Modding Bladerunner TOY helo.

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by widget, Dec 24, 2007.

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    First off,lets get the catcalls out of the way,I know it's a toy.

    1. I picked up 3 of them for $5 each.
    2. I 'm looking for a chalange.
    3. They're cheap and so am I !
    My ideas :
    Upgrade the Li-Po.
    Remove one motor and set of rotors. Center the remaining motor.
    Turn the tail rotor 90* and route the wires from the 2nd main motor to it
    for variable speed to control L.R turning.
    (as opposed to the variable speed of the main rotors on the co-ax set up.)
    Beef up the main & tail rotor blades.

    Now for the hard part :
    Reroute the harness from the old tail rotor set up ( F/R ) to a coil and
    steering linkage from a micro car - L/R - - mounted underneath the frame
    with a small amount of weight giving forward/neutral/reverse flight by altering the C.G.
    OR- -using the coil and linkage set up mounted vertically,
    attached to a makeshift "swashplate" altering the fore/aft pitch of the rotor head.

    Do you guys the this is do-able?
    Comments yay and nay are appreciated.
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    Helllllooooo, I can hear you breathing...

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