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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Bubbahearth, May 18, 2010.

  1. Bubbahearth

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    Suddenly took an interest in papercrafting out of the blue.. think I saw some paper gundam models or something and thought it would be fun to build kits for "toys I always wanted but were never mass produced"

    Mostly into BSG ships, sci fi helmets / props, and video game characters.

    I had a punch-out and glue star trek kit that I failed horribly at years ago, so thought I'd come back and do it right. Started off by printing out some really basic kits, and over the course of 3 nights am up to things with curves and tiny microscopic tabs! woo. Probably about 3 'training pieces' away from tackling something huge that will take weeks to make.

    Hardest part is picking one though, knowing I'll be working on it for so long. Scared I'll get bored and never finish!


    shoot! I'm on my 5th day of making tank tracks and am not quite half done (although I am making them much more complex than what came with the file....).
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    AAAHHHHHHHh tank tracks - the death of my halinksi kit ;) it still sits half assembled....

    welcome to the fold and welcome back to the hobby! got any questions just shout - pics always appreciated!
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    hello bubbahearth i am a fan of bsg too it is great show
  5. jmickle

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