MM 1-2/2004 Cutty Sark

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by milhistory, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Bluenoser

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    Hey guys, Sailing ships is my preference for modelling too. I'd love to see some more pics of whatever sailing ships you may have completed in the past or presently have in the works.:roll:
  2. milhistory

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    Thanks to all for your encouraging comments and compliments. Because of them, I will probably post more photos of future builds on the site. On the other hand...

    I felt I stuck my neck out when starting this new thread. I originally posted a single photo on Phil's "Challenge" thread. I am glad he started that thread because it gave an opportunity for many to post who have never posted photos of a build.

    I have not posted prior photos of a build for several reasons:

    1: I don't think my model is good enough. For some reason, I feel like I am building the model for others, and not myself.

    2: I am afraid that others building the same model will use mine as a reference. I advise against this because mine are many times not correct. I leave off pieces and put pieces in the wrong places.

    3:I am lazy and would rather sit at my table and cut paper than take photos. I THANK those who do take the time to take construction pictures and post them, especially those who add comments and suggestions. You all are the ones who make this community awesome.

    I know I did not complete the rigging on the ship. I did build it, afterall. I also know complete rigging would make the ship look better. I may add more later. I may not. I make paper miniatures because I enjoy it. If I am not enjoying myself, I stop. I stopped working on the Cutty Sark because it was no longer fun trying to hang and glue tiny pieces of thread (not paper!) on
    fragile masts and spars. When I stopped, I went back and finished another model I had put up earlier because it was no longer fun (GPM Mi-17). I will most likely return to the ship and add more rigging. I once set up a model for over a year before I returned to it and finished it.

    Again, thanks for all the comments and suggestions. This post is not directed at any one person. I apprieciated ALL of your posts (you made my first real thread a success), but I have had to answer the rigging question many times over and it felt like people kept saying, "Hey did you know you didn't finish the rigging?" Yes, I know. And I am happy with it, nonetheless.

    Brad, who thanks to you all finally achieved Regular Member status after several years.

    P.S. I will add a new thread for the Mi-17 when I finish up the little stuff.

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  3. Amazyah

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    That Mi-17 looks sweet too!

    Unfinished, missing pieces, pieces in the wrong place....still, the models look great and thank you for sharing those pics!

  4. Kevin G

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    Brad, A couple of thoughts for you.
    Always build the model for yourself. Your model is wonderful and don't let anyone tell you otherwise (not that anyone did).

    You are right here. Someone else will probably use your pic as a reference, I will as soon as I get this model that is for sure. This is not a bad thing! Doesn't matter if you messed something up or not, it is always a good thing to have many reference photos to look at and seeing how someone else did the build can be a big help to others.

    I am lazy too! much more fun to build than to sit here posting pics and typing out a thread. I have found that by posting my models I have become a better modeler though. The help, suggestions, tips, and mostly the encouragement you get from this group of guys and gals is priceless.
    I have never heard anyone say anything bad about anyones model, they may make suggestions on how to make it better or give ideas to help on the next build but never have i seen anything bad posted about someones build. My first build I posted here had parts not glued, dry-fitted and forgot to glue them and you could see it on the pics but noone said anything bad about it! I bet you could post a pic of the worst build ever (I have a couple that would fit this catagory) and the worst you would get are some suggestions on how to make it better but they would still love to see the pics!
    Keep up posting those pics and share your great work with us!
    Can't wait to see the thread on the MI-17.
  5. milenio3

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    Brad, et al,
    I think paper modeling is precisesly about changing the rules at some point. Leave off pieces, wrong pieces in wrong places, no pieces... MORE pieces. I think that's the beauty of paper modeling vs. plastic - where you have to stick with the model, and maybe you can artistry with paint. But in paper one can add, change, delete... sorry get rid of pieces without any restrain.
    But how about a model for a contest?
    What about contest jurys? Are they expecting - as someone in this forum posted a few days ago "a model to depict the real thing, or to depict a model of the real thing"?
    Ah, Filosophy is a part of paper modeling too.
    - BTW, Kevin, any pics from teh Wicked?
  6. milhistory

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    Sometimes I ask myself if building the model is a means to an end (a completed model) or the end itself (the building process). I guess it depends on the model and how much fun it is building it.
  7. thewoodengraver

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  8. Jim Krauzlis

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    Okay, re-read the posts, guys....

    Let's not get carried away, okay? If my comments about the rigging read like I was criticizing, please re-read it, I was not and was careful to not do so...only to encourage the builder of this beautiful ship model to perhaps try in on a future build. I didn't say it was wrong, didn't mention any "rules", just thought perhaps some encouragment might help someone to consider trying it if they wanted to.

    It's his model, I'm very happy he posted photos for us, it's a beautiful job on what I know is a difficult build. I have always said in the past this is all about having fun, and if it's not, then move on to something else. The joy is personal, your own, and there is no right or wrong. By the same token, if I read someone say she or he isn't sure about doing something, some encouragment might help them try it themselves...not criticism, just encouragment.

    If what I wrote was taken a different way, that's my fault for not being clear, for which I apologize. Not sure if the last posts were directed to me or not; if they were, consider what I wrote again and let me know if my meaning is mis-stated...sure didn't mean to suggest anything other than praise for a great build and some hopefully helpful ideas about future builds. Thought this is what the forum is here for....:???:

  9. thewoodengraver

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  10. Jim Krauzlis

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    Well, I'm not sure I know what I am doing, as my wife is quick to tell me, but no one should ever hesitate to post and share photos of their work here...that's what it's for, as I see it.

    I can relate to feeling put out and shy to come some hobbies there are groups who are very critical about anyone's work, to the point of being very cruel and harsh.

    Not true here, as I have happily found, in fact as one has already mentioned in so many words, this is a very healthy and helpful environment.

    milhistory's copter is a superb example...why haven't we seen it before? I think it's an awesome build and would hate to feel it wasn't posted earlier because of feared slamming...I would love to see more of it!

  11. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

  12. barry

    barry Active Member

    Hey Phil

    Don't you dare apologise to anyone this stems out of one the most productive threads ever put on this site it got more modellers pics and comments than almost any other thread yet. If people do not recognise the fact that this site is one of the most friendly there is, then maybe they had better think a bit more and look at some of the others. Be pleased someone noticed and don't go looking to take offence at what was meant kindly. I know I miss the pics of the shipmodels of the guy who said he was fed up of writing monologues and I wish he would change his mind now Phil has got every one talking again. I promise if he does I will acknowledge his time and effort even if the comment is 2 smilies and a signiture.

    and ps Jim knows more about ships than anyone else here and half the reason I post here is that if I have got the rake of the forefunnel wrong he will tell me, that does not mean I will do anything about it but I would certainly look.

  13. thewoodengraver

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  14. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    First, I would really love to see more photos of Brad's ship...the way those sails came out, so translucent, it's very attractive and I don't think I can get enough of his superb photography, along with the close-ups of the deck furniture, railings, etc. It's such an attractive build, and his photos show off the model brilliantly.

    Phil, Barry's right, no apologies necessary, and your post rightly brought to bear the need to be mindful of the modelers, novice or otherwise, when commenting about their work. To risk being a broken record, I would hope no one is hesitant about posting photos of their work here for whatever reason.

    We're all really still novices no matter how long we've been modeling, if you think about it. I'm no expert in paper modeling, to be sure, and if you read some of my build threads you will quickly see how I continue to learn something new with each build...or re-learn hard lessons once again...that's the challenge and joy of working in this medium, I believe. But, foremost, it's all fun, and no one should be made to feel their work is not worth showing off to the rest of least not in this forum. I have recently found work and family keep me pretty busy these days, haven't had the chance to do much modeling lately, but I always find the time to check in and see what everyone else is working's become a part of my daily routine to do so, and I always enjoy my visits. I love the fact that I see new names all the time, our family is constantly growing, which can only mean we all benefit from the number of participants...lurkers are always welcome, but no one should hesitate to post pictures of their work here...oops..there I said it again.:-D Whew, I gotta watch for that club, Phil.:wink:

    Barry is being too kind with his comments; while I do love ships, have for most of my life, and learned some things along the way, I would not be so bold as to suggest I know all that...there are quite a few here with far more extensive knowledge of ships, as well as other areas, which is why this forum is a superb place to share your builds and ideas. I always learn something new when I visit.

    Sorry to have gone on so much in this thread, really should be all about your great job on the Cutty Sark, which I hope you'll share more of with us, as well as your other builds. I never seem to get to see enough photos of everyone's builds....:grin:

  15. GT5500

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    I think the moral of this thread is that everyone takes things differently and sometimes its impossible to understand the context in which a comment was made over the internet. Personally I think most of the comments on this thread were the kind of comments I appreciate. For example if I post a pic of a model and someone says "great model, a tip for the future, if you do X it will make Y look better" I would be very thankfull of such advice. I think that was most peoples intention in this thread but due to the nature of a forum when you read a post it is very easy to mis-understand the intention of the author.
  16. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Hey, hey, hey!

    Lookie at the picture of the week!


    Congratulations, Brad!

  17. milhistory

    milhistory Member

    Hey Guys:

    I was not offended by anyone and did not feel anyone thought my ship wasn't good enough. I guess I was just a bit frustrated because I stated early on that I did not complete the rigging and several folks continued to point out that very fact.

    My apologies for seemingly blowing up. I teach high school and am on summer vacation, which means I have not had human contact in two months.

    Jim: I am honored that you even posted a comment on this thread. You are one of the main leaders of this community and I seek to follow your lead. And you are right about the rigging. Once I learn a better way to attach the thread (or whatever I graduate to), I will improve the Cutty Sark and any future ships. It will be awhile before I tackle another sailing ship.

    I am very proud to have made picture of the week. Thank you, you gods of Olympus, who run the site.

    I am currently working on Modelik's Mercedes truck and plan to - GASP - post photos of the build in progress.


    P.S. Thanks to all. I really enjoy being a part of this community, the best I have found on the net.
  18. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    CONGRATULATIONS on acheiving " Picture of the Week"! I'm sure we ALL would have nominated your Sark if we weren't so busy drooling!
  19. paper warrior

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    Wir, die reines Papier sind, steigen, mit Plastik niederzuwerfen.
    Great build too,Really great build.
  20. Chief400

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    Great build! I actually got this model as a freebie when I ordered the Cleopatra from PMS, looks like it will be a good warmup exercise before convertingthe Cleo into HMS Surprise.....

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