Mitsubishi FTO (car)

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Plastic Bonsai, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. logicman

    logicman Greybeard

    Great find! :thumb::thumb::thumb:

    The instructions pdf is the best I've seen for a free download.

    Thank you, Plastic bonsai, for sharing. :thumb:

    Thank you, Teiji Murakami, for releasing this one for free download. :thumb:
  2. lairdre

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    I found this model several years ago. I've not taken the time to build it but I have studied the instructions and parts. It has to be one of the most detailed car models I've come across. With it's full interior, open and closing doors and movable steering wheels it would be quite a prize to put on a shelf.

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