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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by George, Mar 22, 2001.

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    Shamus, thank you for the advice ... and the inspiration. I just about drooled at the thought of getting my bridge to look more like yours [​IMG]
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    I've put my track to close to the edge. Prized hand made passenger car is now in a 1000 pieces.... (concrete floor). My own personal Titanic of railroads, and on it's maiden run too [​IMG] .... (well it went down as far, before hitting the bottom!) Moved my layout on to carpet now, and going to extend the edge by about 6 inches or so. Knew i shouldn't have tried it full throttle [​IMG]

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    I have done the samething! At our local club, we have a safety railing around the edge of the table. However, the track is still about a foot away from the edge. I also learned the same hard lesson! [​IMG]

  5. shamus

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    Hello biggerhammer, There is an article on how to make these bridges which I wrote and is now in the Academy/Archive for all to read, tells you how to make the jigs for a trestle.

    If you need help, just ask.
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    Shamus, I'm new to the forum but I've heard more than a few comments about your miniatures- in particular Susan. The picture link is broken in the post. Would you mind reposting a few pictures of your miniatures?

    Thank you, for the pictures, the advice and above all for helping quite a few beginners like me!
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    Hi Biggerhammer,
    Sorry, Susan is way out of your league [​IMG]
    I have just posted two photo's of my scratchbuilt structures, one in N-scale and the other in HO in (HO Scale Model Trains)
    By the way, what camera did you use for the photo's on your website?



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    It was a coworker's Canon Powershot S100. The camera is better than those pictures would suggest, I was hurrying to get such photos as I could before the battery went entirely dead.
    In a week or so I hope to have more pictures (and more useful pictures) of the bridge up.

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