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    I have for sale several blue boxes and misc rolling stock, along with a couple of locos. I would like to sell as a bundle if possible but I will separate if need be. Ive done my best to disclose everything that I know concerning the items condition and hopefully the pics will help. I would like to get 120.00 for the lot, plus shipping but dont hesitate to shoot me an offer.:mrgreen: Heres the list:

    Athearn RTR: Excellent condition. Not sure that they have even been ran but if they have, no more than an hours run time.
    50' N&W Box car
    40' UP Box car

    Blue Box:According to label on box
    These cars were in storage under my house; water invaded-it wasn't pretty, however, only three boxes received any direct exposure to the water. All the boxes are very dusty and dis-figured from the moist air but all but three of the rollingstock itself were not affected at all. The three that were exposed the most to the moisture have an odd white dusty covering on them but it appears that simply wiping them down removes that. Some of these cars are partially assembled, some not assembled at all. Its been so long, I dont recall which ones have been ran but I do know that of the ones that were, they were not ran for more than an hour. I believe all the pieces necessary to complete the kits are there but I cant guarantee that 100%. There may be a piece or two that are not. Again, these cars have been in storage for a long time and I just cant remember.
    50' Railbox CSX
    50' PS Wisconsin Central
    50' Railbox Frisco
    50' SD Southern Railbox
    50' Railbox CSX
    50' SD Railbox Chessie & B&O
    50' SD Railbox-Railbox
    86' Hi Cube 8 Door CSX
    85' Trailer train AP Flat
    86' Hi Cube 4dr UP
    86' Hi cube 4dr UP (different #)
    85' Trailer Train Flat Car
    Bay Window caboose CSX
    Bay Window caboose Southern

    Walthers Ready to Run Goldline: Excellent condition; dont believe it has even been out of the box.
    P/S 86' Hi Cube Box car 4 door

    Athearn Ready to Roll: Missing front handrail assy and front coupler appears damaged. Removed upper pickup from motor and soldered in a wire in its place. Test ran just yesterday and worked fine. Used for less than an hour. Excellent condition otherwise.
    GP-38-2 Sant Fe

    Athearn Blue Box:
    GP-38-2 Norfolk Southern (Dummy) May be missing a few detail items. Handrails are installed on the side but not painted. Again, not been used more than an hour if that.
    SD-40-2 CSX: Runs well but is missing half of the handrails and coupler pockets. Headlight is also MIA. Ran for maybe a total of 2 hrs. Good condition despite missing items.

    Thank you for looking!
    Please feel free to ask me any questions and I will do my best to get you an answer.

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    Decided to add more stuff...bump :mrgreen:

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