Mirage family in 1:200

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by cafe, May 24, 2011.

  1. cafe

    cafe Member

    I did save the concrete textures from this site. :)
  2. cafe

    cafe Member

    Today's builds... A Mirage IIIE from the early 70ies with DACT marking (should also have some stripes on the wings) and a Mirage IIIR from the sixties.

    cafe-mirageIIIE-557-2-LJ-003.JPG cafe-mirageIIIE-557-2-LJ-006.JPG cafe-mirageIIIE-557-2-LJ-007.JPG cafe-mirageIIIE-557-2-LJ-008.JPG

    With their older brother from the early 90ies I built 2 months ago.


    Also, I've added a few files to the download section (pending approval). :)
  3. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    These look GREAT!!!

    The files have been approved.

  4. cafe

    cafe Member

    Thank you! :)
  5. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    These models looks so true and straight. The display stands you have made would be a great addition to out "Downloads " area. (Hint, Hint!) :)
  6. cafe

    cafe Member

    I know! I need to improve the part that goes inside the exhaust and the way it attaches to the rest of the stand. Though I like what Jan Kytop did with it.
  7. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    That stand could be used many ways. If you take a piece of Tig welding wire, .030" let's say, and tire one end off to a very strong stationary post, and yank steadily on the other, it will harden the wire, and it will become very stiff, making it able to support many many things. Try it, you will see how to make soft pliable wire into very stiff wire. :)
  8. cafe

    cafe Member

    Mirage IIIC, EC 3/10 Vexin

    This one is a colour scheme I wanted to do almost from the beginning.

    It's a Mirage IIIC in the colours of EC 3/10 "Vexin" based in Djibouti. They replaced the F-100D of EC 4/11 "Jura" and stayed there from 1978 to 1988 when the unit re-equiped with Mirage F1Cs (and became EC 4/30 "Vexin", later EC 4/33).

    cafe-mirageIIIC-67-10-LH-006.JPG cafe-mirageIIIC-67-10-LH-007.JPG
    cafe-mirageIIIC-67-10-LH-008.JPG cafe-mirageIIIC-67-10-LH-009.JPG
    cafe-mirageIIIC-67-10-LH-010.JPG cafe-mirageIIIC-67-10-LH-011.JPG
    cafe-mirageIIIC-67-10-LH-012.JPG cafe-mirageIIIC-67-10-LH-013.JPG

    With its 3 brothers in french air force markings

  9. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    Have you ever considered doing any models by Stalhart? They are incredible, and actually FREE! These are commercial grade models. I think you could really knock them out of the Ballpark! :)



  10. cafe

    cafe Member

    I've considered doing Stahlhart's F-18 Hornet despite my dislike of petals. :)

    (no more than 4 of 6 petals and they must be tiny! same reason I haven't built any of Ojimak's Phantoms)
  11. cafe

    cafe Member

    A little Mirage IIIB. :)

    cafe-MirageIIIB-224-13-FA-018.JPG cafe-MirageIIIB-224-13-FA-019.JPG
  12. SameeBD

    SameeBD New Member

    Beautiful!!! Bravo bravo...wonderfully done!! And hats off for keeping it simple but detailed !!
  13. cafe

    cafe Member

    Thanks! :)
  14. zathros

    zathros SENIOR Administrator

    If you do one the F18, and give the the base diameter and length and profile curve, I will make the conical rings for you. :)
  15. cafe

    cafe Member

    SameeBD's PM reminded me I had made a few recolors (boring blue or gray camo) and a 2-seat conversion of Chaiwat's Mirage F1C.

    Here is a F1C of EC 2/30 Normandie-Niemen specially painted in 1991 for a soviet MiG-29 visit. 4 Mirage were painted in these colors. I built it yesterday.

    copie-chaiwatkom-mirageF1-03-004.JPG copie-chaiwatkom-mirageF1-03-005.JPG

    Built today, one of the few Mirage F1B remaining in the french Air Force, EC 2/33 Savoie in 2013. Apart from the tail cone and air intakes, the rest of the fuselage is brand new. I still have to add the antennas on the fin and the ventral fuel tank.

    copie-chaiwatkom-mirageF1B-001.JPG copie-chaiwatkom-mirageF1B-002.JPG

    Together with prototype # 2.

  16. SameeBD

    SameeBD New Member

    pretty neat as usual !! ...:D
  17. cafe

    cafe Member

    Thanks. :)

    Maybe I should make some actual camouflaged planes. Whether they're french Air Force CR or CT (both require designing a fairing that goes under the fuselage) or south-african (AZ requires a new nose, CZ doesn't), jordanian, lybian, iraqi or iranian...
  18. SameeBD

    SameeBD New Member

    ...please do!!..i did make a mirage F1 with full interior and camo scheme inspired by SAAF mirages last year ( kit was hand drawn -__-) ...
  19. cafe

    cafe Member

    IAI Kfir C7 in 1:200

    Here is a little Kfir C7. I'm not satisfied with the brown (too dark) and I'll probably change it before release.

    kfirC7-529-002.JPG kfirC7-529-007.JPG kfirC7-529-008.JPG kfirC7-529-009.JPG kfirC7-529-010.JPG kfirC7-529-011.JPG
  20. cafe

    cafe Member

    I corrected the brown for the F-21A.

    F-21A-11-005.JPG F-21A-11-006.JPG F-21A-11-007.JPG F-21A-11-008.JPG F-21A-11-009.JPG F-21A-11-011.JPG

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