Mirage family in 1:200

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  1. cafe

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    I posted some pics here but here are the last 2 test-builds: a Mirage 5F (colored like a Nesher) and a Kfir C1.









  2. cafe

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    Mirage IIIE, french air force, 1:200

    Here is an Armée de l'Air (French Air Force) Mirage IIIE from EC 3/3 Ardennes in the early 1990s.

    This unit was the last Mirage III operational user in the French Air Force and switched to the Mirage 2000D in 1994.

    cafe-mirageIIIE-3-XM-001.JPG cafe-mirageIIIE-3-XM-002.JPG cafe-mirageIIIE-3-XM-003.JPG cafe-mirageIIIE-3-XM-004.JPG

    Not my best build but I still love it.

    The next pic shows it with a Pakistani Mirage IIIEP I built over a year ago. The new almost got the same colors. I've now switched the pakistani aircraft to the new colors.

  3. arkon

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    nice little builds, looks like you started printing in colour or are you still useing markers?
  4. cafe

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    No more markers! I do the coloring on my computer. My old printer had an issue with its magenta cartridge but the new one is fine.
  5. shika

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    Wow this is really great.
    I've just seen the movie "Chevaliers du Ciel" (Sky Fighters) recently.
    I even love Mirage more. Great work as always Cafe. ^ ^
  6. cafe

    cafe Member

    Thanks Shika.

    I've never seen the movie, only some flight scenes on Youtube. :)

    For me "Chevaliers du Ciel" conjures images from the old TV show from the late 60ies or the original comic-book series ("the adventures of Tanguy and Laverdure" aka "The flying Furies" or "The Aeronauts" in the UK).

    I really need to do a Mirage IIIC in the 1960s markings of EC 1/2 Cigognes. That's the unit Tanguy and Laverdure were part of in the TV show. :)
  7. cafe

    cafe Member

    cafe-mirageIIIEZ-819-001.JPG cafe-mirageIIIEZ-819-002.JPG

    The final version will have slightly bigger roundels on the wings. IRL it looks like they were 24'' on the fuselage and 30'' on the wings.
  8. MilanX3

    MilanX3 Member

    Vives les Mirages!!! Great work Chevaliers du Bangkok!
  9. cafe

    cafe Member

    Shika is the Chevalier de Bangkok :)

    cafe-mirageIIIEZ-819-003.JPG cafe-mirageIIIEZ-819-004.JPG cafe-mirageIIIEZ-819-005.JPG cafe-mirageIIIEZ-819-006.JPG
  10. cafe

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    South African Mirage IIIDZ in 1:200

    cafe-mirageIIIDZ-840-003.JPG cafe-mirageIIIDZ-840-004.JPG cafe-mirageIIIDZ-840-002.JPG cafe-mirageIIIDZ-840-005.JPG
  11. cafe

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    Swiss Mirage IIIS in 1:200

    It needs another test build. I messed up the front fuselage which is why there's no pic of the right side.

    cafe-mirageIIIS-J-2303-004.JPG cafe-mirageIIIS-J-2303-005.JPG
    cafe-mirageIIIS-J-2303-008.JPG cafe-mirageIIIS-J-2303-009.JPG
  12. shika

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    Hi Cafe,

    And here you are creating a great Mirage 2000 Squadron.

    Shika ^^
  13. cafe

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    Well... the Mirage squadron now has 20 of my Mirage III/5/Nesher/Kfirs, 3 chaiwatkom Kfirs, 1 chaiwatkom Mirage F1, 2 Chaiwatkom Mirage 2000 and 1 Ojimak Mirage 2000 = 27 Mirages and derivatives. It may get a new Nesher and/or Mirage 2000 before the end of my vacation.

    It may be soon time for a new family portrait. :) The previous one is here.
  14. shika

    shika Member

    Dear Cafe,

    You might be interested in this one.
    Mirage 2000C, Plastic from F-toys Originally Dessert Camouflage (Austria)
    I recolor with acrylic paint and then decorate details with papers.

    This one is the bad guy from the movie "Chevalier du Ciel"

    Attached Files:

  15. cafe

    cafe Member

    One of these days, I'll design my own Mirage 2000 (single seat and twin seater). :)

    Here is one I built today. It's Chaiwatkom's model with some custom parts (and modified wings). I did did the Taiwanese repaint many many moons ago.

    Compared to the parts I originally made for Ojimak's model, I redesigned the ventral fuel tank and its pylon.

    chaiwatkom-mirage2000-5-tw-003.JPG chaiwatkom-mirage2000-5-tw-004.JPG chaiwatkom-mirage2000-5-tw-005.JPG chaiwatkom-mirage2000-5-tw-006.JPG

    Family photo : 3 Chaiwatkom Mirage 2000s + 1 Ojimak. The colors of the oldest one have really faded. It looks so used! :cool:

  16. cafe

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    Mirage 2000 in 1:200

    Kitbashing time!

    It started as an experiment. Could the wings from Chaiwat Kosatanakom's model be used on Ojimak's? I ended up kitbashing both the french and the greek Mirage 2000.

    omk-m2k-hybride-005.JPG omk-m2k-hybride-006.JPG



    On the left: Ojimak's Mirage 2000 built almost 3 years ago without any changes except landing gear, fuel tank and IFR probe added a year later.
    On the right: the organ donor, my edited version of Chaiwatkom's Mirage 2000.

    I didn't edit Ojimak's file. I just printed it at 30% of its original size and didn't use the wings. I had to make a cover for the fuselage bottom.

  17. cafe

    cafe Member

    Mirage 2000B in 1:200

    The Mirage 2000 flight has just received a twin-seater. :mrgreen:

    chaiwatkom-mirage2000B-509-002.JPG chaiwatkom-mirage2000B-509-003.JPG chaiwatkom-mirage2000B-509-004.JPG chaiwatkom-mirage2000B-509-006.JPG

    Conversion of Chaiwatkom's single-seat Mirage 2000. Camo doesn't line up between the fin and the rear fuselage. :cry:
  18. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    You did a really good job on these little guys.
    I like the two seater.

    Keep up the GREAT WORK!!!
  19. cafe

    cafe Member

    Thank you!
  20. Rhaven Blaack

    Rhaven Blaack ADMINISTRATOR Administrator

    Your collection of Mirages reminds me of my BRTC25 Thunder fighter. Here are a few photos.


    Here is the thread that I started that shows all of the modifications that were made (by both Revell-Fan and myself):


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