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  1. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

    Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett Active Member

    Thank You!

    I will do a build this weekend! Very nice detail!

  2. matt512s

    matt512s New Member

    Gmd Interceptor

    Beautiful work! I was wondering if you had considered doing a model
    of the Ground based Midcourse Defense interceptor missile. It is based
    on the upper stages of the Minotaur, so it's already halfway done! A real
    challenge would be to put an EKV under the nose shroud.
    Best Wishes:
  3. fructose

    fructose Member

    Thanks everyone. I'm probably going to do a couple more rockets from Orbital, since they have some nicely shaped rockets and they have tons of cool logos on them. I already saw a Minotaur with the enhanced capability nose that is going to launch on the 11th and I'd love to do a model of that. I'll look into the defense missile too, especially if I can use previously completed work. :) I'll let you all know when I start working on something.
  4. Dnlgtr

    Dnlgtr Member

    FYI..A Minotaur was launched this moring from NASA's Wollops Flight Facility!!

    Had I been paying attention, I probably could have seen it from my FRONT DOOR!! I am That Close!!
  5. fructose

    fructose Member

    I've been paying attention to it online. It has the extended capabilities shroud on it and I'd like to make that one. It should be pretty simple to do, since I have about 75% of the work already done.

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