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    Greetings all...
    Has anyone here tried to wire MINITRONICS Lamps with the shades before and succeeded?
    What my point is is that I just installed these lil cuties, nine (9) in total- in my Walthers Roundhouse the other day and when it finally came time to add some power to them they did not lite.
    The lights I am refering to exactly are the Minitronics Model 72-105-05 lamps with shades. 12volt 30 mA bulbs.
    When I run the lamps in a string formation the power (TechII) does not seem to run them.
    I decided to then elimanate one lamp at a time and slowly these little puppies start to show a sign of life.
    Could anyone tell me what I may be doing or am not doing properly?
    Oh and by the way, the lamps are fresh out of thier original pkg.
  2. RI541

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    There could be a couple differant possiblities that would cause this.

    First is do you have them on the AC connection on the power pack?

    How many lites are you running on you layout?

    What I do when I build a new building with lites is to test it with a cheap power pack like the ones that comes with the train sets.I also have a cheap power pack on my lay-out to just to run lites in differant buildings.

    You also might have a bad/loose connection somewhere.

  3. billk

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    Also, are they wired in series or parallel?
  4. 60103

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    It sounds as if you have them wired in series. When you wire in series, each lamp gets only 1/9 of the voltage -- if it's 12 volts, each gets 12/9 or 1-1/3 volts. That won't even get a glow in a 12 volt bulb.
    You can wire bulbs in series to lower the current consumption and prolong the bulb life, at the expense of less light per bulb. Try using only 2 or 3 in each series -that'll give you 6 or 4 volts which should light them up.
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    David Platelayer...

    David, please e-mail me asap!!
    in regards to the lighting sequence...
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    Parralel, not series

    See attached

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