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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by CPmodeler, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. CPmodeler

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    Hi fellow Gaugers,

    I need help i can figure out what this is on my eurosprinter, i bought it second hand, his is a minitrix N gauge eurosprinter.
    Can anyone help:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

    Thank You

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  2. kettlestack

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    Hello CPmodeler,

    You've only given us part of the problem. It would help if you told us whether the chassis/trucks or the body shell gets screwed into those screwholes. An isometric view of the part in your picture + a picture of the other bits which completes the model will help a lot.

    In any event, the small green circuit board appears to be a low power simple transistor circuit incapable of delivering power to the motor.... that suggests it is a constant lighting circuit. (This is only a guess). There is also a motor spark generated interferance suppressor in what you show here.

    I suspect the brass tabs on the left are contacts which connect to the motor. The two outer tracks of the yellow circuit board appear to connect the wheel pick-ups from the trucks but how that power gets to the motor cannot be established from that single picture.

    Post more pictures please of all parts of the loco which have electrical parts attached to them :)

  3. CPmodeler

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    Hi Errol,
    The screwholes are for the shell then the plastic top with the cantenary snaps into that. the green thing is what i am trying to figure out..heres 2 more pictures for you hope it helps...

    Thank You

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  4. CPmodeler

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    Picture # 2

    :) :) :) :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

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  5. kettlestack

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    If the three pronged black device on the green board is a transistor then the circuit is for constant intensity lighting. I'f it's a back-to-back diode pair then it's directional lighting control.

    It looks as if it is plugged into the muli-connecter, unplug it and see if the lights no longer light up.

    Best I can do with the info you supplied.

  6. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Is that an electric prototype loco? If so, there may be a switch on the board to change from track power to pantograph (overhead wire). The rest of the board looks like lighting control.
  7. Xaniel

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    Wait a minute.. you nick says CPmodeller... Wait a minute. Are you going to do portuguese modelling?

    We've got some portuguese members around here... including me.

    Answering to you Q, that green thing is what make your loco work with analogue power. Replace that with a N DCC decoder and you'll have yourself a Minitrix loco DCC powered.

    In other words.. that's the digital socket. Remove that green thing and you loco won't work.

    BTW, Welcome!

    How about some pic's of your Portuguese rolling stock? I'm a N modeller, but CP stuff is very hard to find in N.
  8. nscalesteve

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    Re: MiniTrix

    ok, I hope I can bring some light in the tunnel here :D
    this little green printboard is a nonDCC circuit board connected to the NEM-DCC socket. take this board out and replace it with a DCC decoder and voila...
    (DCC friendly, DCC prepared, DCC ready...)
  9. CPmodeler

    CPmodeler New Member

    Thank You

    Let me start by saying thank you, to all for the help.. Also Yes i do collect (Portuguese) CP Loco and rolling stock, an dam tring to make some room for my n scale layout of portuguese lines..any help with pictures or ideas is always helpful and welcomed

    Frank:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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