Minitrix decapad modification

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Harpo, May 14, 2006.

  1. Harpo

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    I just picked up a minitrix 'n' decapod in basically new condition at my LHS for a very reasonable price. I can see there is going to be some major surgery ahead, since the manufacturer has been totally oblivious to some really basic the steam pipe line up with the cylinder. And, regarding that, it looks like the entire boiler/cab assembly needs to be moved back at least an eighth inch, which will partially correct the pipe/cylinder alignment, as well as placing the entire driver/frame assembly further forward. (Which I think is also more accurate.) But, then, I'm also wondering if possibly the entire boiler is too long... Also, it appears that the cylinder 'box' is too short to begin with; the photos I have been examining seem to suggest it should be longer (the fore & aft measurment). Finally, if all this works, then the pilot assembly and pilot truck will have to be modified, and the tender drawbar lengthened as well. Has anyone else performed this surgery/modification? I'd be most interested to learn from that experience. I think the loco is worth it, both because it seems to be a really good runner (it will also pull half the house behind it)...and it is kind of unusual besides. It's also a challenge, and will be fun to do. Character building, I think it's called... Any ideas, creative suggestions? Thanks
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    It goes back some years but there was an article in a late 70s MR that addressed this very issue making a nice Pennsy class J1 (?) out of it.

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