Minibox's 1988 8x8 Tatra T815 Paris Dakar Race Truck

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    Hi all,

    I have drooled over this kit from the first time i laid my eyes on a simple graphic of it, the kit is like many other Minibox models, you have the option to build a very simple model, or you can go quite detailed, with opening panels and doors.

    The kit consists of 2 pages, well more like a page and a quarter, the remaining 3/4 deal with build sequence and building diagram. The stock the kit is printed on, is very close to my standard 65# paper I use for building freebie models from the net.

    I started out by following one of their suggestions, cutting out all the like colored numbered dots, and putting them into piles, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Purple. The yellow pile consists of 4 pieces, and an alternate bumber, these pieces build up to make the most basic of the available models, the cab, chassis, and box and bumper, as for the other models, only the cab and the box are held over, and make their way into each version of the truck. Next up is the blue pile, a little more detail involved with this version, this time you actually have to build tires, and Miniboex's suggestion is to use 12mm dowel or tree branches, or a strip of paper which is rolled up to the diameter of 12 mm, the extra details include, fenders, thinner chassis box to accomodate the tires. The green pile will allow you to build a more detailed chassis, the front two axles are turned to the left, I might buck this trend and flip the pieces, so the truck turns right. The last pile, the purple one, is all the detail pieces, doors which look like they can open, or panels on the box which show the stuff kept inside, spare tires, drums of gas, food, the stuff you need if you want to conquer the Dakar.

    Next up are pictures, so I will post them once I start building.


    p.s. if some of you have a hard time picturing what I was talking about here you go
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    Some more on this monster of a truck.

    I have been cutting out the main structure pieces for this truck, the cab, box, and chassis box(just for fun I am going to build all pieces in the kit, and yes Peter, I will have pictures of it)

    I did notice that there is some overprinting on the cut lines, they tend to have a very solid black line and they fade to gray going away from the subject.

    Folding the pieces are going very smoothly, no suprises, the only surprise so far is that the paper is rough cut at times, I have had my blade hang up on the cut, and yes I am using a fresh blade for the model, but the paper is almost the consistency of cardstock, when I get to those spots where the blade hangs.

    Glueing the pieces is a breeze, using Aleene's Tacky Glue, very little is really needed, and I have noticed so far, no warping due to excessive glue.

    So far no major concerns, no serious fit issues either, but I see as odd I will try to photograph tonight, and post, not sure if it is a design feature or flaw, but I think it is fixable.

    More to come

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    Here is the construction diagram, and options for building the truck, thought you might like it

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    I have started assembling the truck, the yellow and green piles are done, now working on the blue pile, this pile includes, gas tanks, fenders and the rear bumper. The purple pile are all the extras, if you see the construction diagram above, you will see what I mean, these include doors, engine comparment, the tail gate, and the side doors on the box.

    I finished the chassis and have added one of the gas tanks so far.

    The specs on the model so far are, total length, about 10cm/4in, width is about an inch(2.54cm) and the height is about an inch and half(4cm).

    More to follow tonight or tomorrow

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    Well, the truck is almost done, currently the truck is done, fenders are on, the box and cab are attached too.

    The tires are next, according to the building guide, the suggested way is to use is 12mm dowel or tree twigs, there are two other suggestions that I feel would take too much time, one is to use a strip of paper and roll it up in the style of Quilling, the other is to punch discs with a 12mm punch, but to me the last two are a bit much.

    I have taken pictures of the complete "wheel-less" truck, will post them this afternoon when I get home.

    The final touches are the open doors, hatches and grille, I am not sure how many of the hatches or doors to put on, some might be cool, especially if I would make a encampment diorama, with the truck being worked on, but we will see.

    If you have seen the construction diagram, and feel that I should put or not put any of the open hatches, private message me or track me down in the chat channel, and let me know.

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    I am done....

    The tires are on the truck, the build diagram shows a 4mm thick tire, but I sawed off a 4, 5, 6 and 7 mm thick disc, and I found that the 4 and the 5 discs were too skinny, the 7mm was too thick, and to me, the 6mm disc was perfect.

    Now on to some of the details, some hatches and doors will be open, but not all of them that I have, but we will see.

    Great build, fun time, and the pieces go together really well, but the main thing about the paper is that is feels when cut like mat board, a rag like paper, a fresh blade does cut cleanly through.

    I hope this gets some of you some inspiration, and I hope you will try some these models

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    PeterH writes:

    Great set of notes Rick and the model is a "beast". I like the tyres how they are turned out and the model has a really great look about it with the added detail behind the doors.

    Many thanks for putting the time and effort in explaning the "build"....

    Peter H
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    Hi all,

    while surfing some czech langauge websites, I came across a page on convention of sorts, in the town of Strakonice, and from what I could gather, and am willing to be proven wrong, there was some kind of display and contest of models.

    there are some pictures of the various display, and this one caught my eye


    the scale looks like 1:32, and that is a big kit, with 8 wheels, from what Joseph told me, some of the models are scratch built, which would explain the Daf truck on the right side of this picture and on the left side of this picture


    But that is a rant for another time


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