Minibox - Skalka, Podskali, Petrovice

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  1. Grindar

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    Was cleaning off a bookshelf and found my copies of these models I never got around to building. The packs have all been opened and looked at but the models themselves are untouched. These are the packs of individual models, not the ABC mag versions. I know that Podskali is short a V1 008 and V1 009, which appear to be a pack of gates for fences and a small wooden building. Was short out of the sealed packs when I bought them and my source couldn't replace, but shouldn't be noticeable on finished diorama.

    Can provide photos if you're seriously interested.

    Asking $160 shipped in the US, $150 plus shipping rest of world.
  2. zathros

    zathros -----SENIOR---- Administrator

    You might want to provide photos to get responses. :)
  3. Grindar

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    OK here's a few pics. On Skalka and Podskali I just left the small models in their bags because they're rather tall stacks and the large and mid sized sheets already took up a lot of room. Can take more specific pictures as requested. IMG_20140727_142956.jpg IMG_20140727_143327.jpg IMG_20140727_143616.jpg
  4. zathros

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    These look so excellent when they are completed. Really a slice of life! :)
  5. Grindar

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    Lowering my asking price to $120.
  6. Grindar

    Grindar Member

    Will consider any reasonable offer at this point. Trying to convert them into some new Lego sets :) And also here are some pics of finished builds for those unfamiliar with the models'

    Podskali: [​IMG]

    Those 2 combine back to back like this :[​IMG]
    Petrovice: [​IMG]

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