Minecraft models? It just might be crazy enough to work.

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by deadpoolclone, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. deadpoolclone

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    Hey there guys and gals, I'm new here and to this hobby in general, and have yet to try my hands at any builds, but I stumbled upon an idea whilst looking through my download folder for some of the templates I downloaded, and I saw all of my minecraft player models that I have downloaded... three dimensional objects flattened to 2d pictures... I thought, could I? Is it possible? Can I have an army of creepers of my own? I think it's worth trying and so I shall! I don't know if this is the right place to have put this post or even the right time as I don't have pictures or anything yet, but I shall get supplies on this coming tuesday and then I shall start the adventure that I hope leads to fun times all around.

    Right now what I'm thinking is to start with the creepers, a very simple structure with no necessary joints, where as the player model has arms and legs and a head... and I'm thinking of how I might make the head and arms move. I want them to be able to stand up so I think I'll keep the legs simple and connected to the body, but the arms and head... these I want to move, I think.

    So, I was wondering what you guys might think? Any tips for the joint-ing business and the crafting in general? I'm thinking I will probably have to modify the games file it uses for the mobs, as there is no excess space on it, which means no place to put the glue, but that should be simple enough to do I think.

    I'm really rather excited about this and hope it turns out well!
  2. Haereticus

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    I've tried this with creepers, there's a jpeg out there with the tabs if you want to save yourself the bother of changing it - just search for creeper papercraft. They work really well - I used to leave them around, tucked away, in the hope some other minecrafter would see them...
  3. RocketmanTan

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    There have been a few papercrafts out of minecraft creatures (I remember seeing a whole set floating about somewhere). The simple cube-based shapes would be an excellent first project!
  4. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Most people just grab a model of something they like, I think. At least that way, when you're done, you have a model of something you want. Redundant and circular, I know. :)
  5. deadpoolclone

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    Well gentlemen and presumably ladies, I have gone ahead and made my first papercraft model. I don't have any of the proper supplies but I found some elmers glue and printed out my edited creeper.png pulled from the .jar and supersized. Forgive me for not just editing the first post but I want to be able to access the wonderful vault of templates as soon as possible! The printer didn't mention to me that it was low on ink or anything so I was a bit surprised when it decided it was to print the creeper out pink rather than green, but, yknow, whatever, it's not a terribly big deal, and I think it adds character personally. Now, prepare yourself for a poorly photographed, poorly constructed and poorly Photoshopped creeper! Are you ready? No? Aight, I can wait. Tell me when you're good to go. ... ... ... ... Oh, you're good now? Aight, cool. Lemme post the picture.

    Ok I dont know s'up with the format and the position of where the image will show up, but it should be there I think! I was going to attach the template but it is like twice as large as the maximum and cropping it is not something I like to do so I shall link directly to it!

    http://i817.photobucket.com/albums/...ic stuff/thatsanicepapermodelyouhavethere.png


    Until next time, true believers!
    Deadpool 'The Man' Clone

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  6. Raxxillion

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    I sometimes go on YouTube to look at people's papercraft collections and most of the vids are of minecraft papercrafts. With links to their resources as well.
  7. DingoSauce

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    i recently had the same idea and i made a creeper with a turning head using magnets to keep it attached. eventually i want to make a steve with removeable armor and tools using magnets. i can post my creeper files if you want, my creeper is a lot taller than the small creeper papercraft. i used cheap neodymium magnets bought off ebay and they hold the head on well

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