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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by cdavenport, Dec 3, 2008.

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    I teach an after school group of eight grade students who are part of my Civil Air Patrol flight. We like to enjoy ourselves by building card models and they are quickly advancing in their skills.

    Can anyone point me to a model of the Millennium Falcon, preferably a relatively simple one, but I'll take anything of a free nature.

    Thanks much!
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    Thanks so much! And I will show them the scratchbuilt version. These kids have never seen anything like this and are having a ball. We are going to be building flying models, flying rockets and, eventually, they will get to fly in an airplane.

    It's a hoot and I get paid to do it!

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    As I recall, there are 3 Free Falcon versions that are available for DL...

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    Great link! Thank you.

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    I found my other free MF model, but I can't find a web link. I have emailed the author to see if I can post it here.


    :edit: ok...I got a bounce back on the email. so all my links are dead. This was off a Checz(sp?) site. Do I post the file for DL here or what (9.3 meg zip file)? Nice textrues and a little more detailed than the Japanese ones.
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    that site gave my computer a virus

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    That would be it.

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