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    OK I admit my faults: I spent a lot of money for those big models :shy: (time to solve the riddle :D)

    1) Pacific PLM 6001 (as seen in the above mentioned thread)

    2) Fokker DR1
    DR1 5.jpg
    (photo from the web, not my model. It's still packed in my "to do" storage)

    3) Tiger I (from Hachette)
    (photo from Hachette advertising material. My model: as above...)

    And you can't say that - at least for two of them - there isn't an alternative (I remember there was a DR1 "museum quality" model from Hasegawa who was - yes - expensive but not so much as this one, and for a 1:16 Tiger you have more than a choice on the market). But if you pay a little at a time you don't realize how great the finel expense is... Big mistake.

    This is another great point toward cardmodeling. Great quality, little expense :D
    (now I learned icon shortcuts... :D :D :D :D )
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    Over the years I've collected various kits this way, 1:200 Bismarck, HMS bounty, Titanic, James bond's DB5. Yes they are expensive, but the cost is spread over a couple of years. Also as an example the DB5 cost about £750 spead over 2 years, but one recently sold for over £2500.

    And regarding cost, I would challenge anyone to find a 1:200 scale Bismarck as detailed (and radio controlled) as the Hachette one cheeper than £2000.
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    I've got less into my '73 MG Midget (sum total of the models you have listed), and that's a real car. I have owned it a long time, and got it dirt cheap, and know how to work on these things. Models are fun, but to be honest, I'm on my 6th child from Christian's Children's Fund, get letters from the kids in Uganda, from some that that are off to College now, and that still costs way cheaper than just the Bismark. That includes the goats and bicycles I purchased them. That's why I got into paper models, so I could have fun, and spend money on something more meaningful. I purchased a Sunfish for $300 dollars and sailed it for 10 years. That's actually getting out on the water. For slightly more than $2000 dollars I got my pilots license and flew 250 hours all over the place before giving it up for medical reasons.

    For $2000 dollars, I could easily build a 16 foot plywood Sharpie sailboat, with a 5 foot beam, and go sailing with my family. Sorry, those aren't good deals. You're indulging yourself, which you have every right to do, and sometimes really should. They are not good deals though, they are extravagances. Let's be real.

    By the way, there's a Hachette Bismarck on EBAY going for $1400, all issues, unopened. I already have the R/C gear, no one has bid on it.

    Paper modeling I always though was the backlash to these overpriced monstrosities. That is why I am hesitant to open a plastics section, and I think this just sealed it. I have a plastics section, but that is for the occasional person who builds from sheets of PVC, which is very similar to and actually involves more fabrication than paper models. Face it, you aren't going to print out a PVC model of anything. My 2 cents worth.
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    I agree with what you say, there are less costly ways to own RC models.

    A brief history of me, for as long as I can remember I have always liked any form of model making, especially radio control models, boats, cars, planes, etc and I have a lot bigger collection than what I have listed here, built or unbuilt.

    BUT, inbetween 2004 and 2008 I was out of work for with a medical condition and at that time I couldn't afford to pay out in one lump sum. So paying weekly was an ideal way to continue with my RC building. That was also the reason I got into card/paper modelling, cheep hobby, with fantastic people and excellent designs. Building models at that time kept me going during a very bad time in my life.

    I still like any form of model making, paper, plastic, radio control, I enjoy it and if or when I can afford it, I will splash out on what keeps me happy. Even if that means it's an extravagance. I don't care, if I like it I will buy it. And now I am in a well paid position I pay for what I like, be it card, plastic or fibreglass.

    I am the same as you with cars as well, I have a VW camper that takes up a lot of my time and most of my money at the moment. But again, it makes me happy when I stay away in it and will never part with it. Love MG's would like to see photos.

    And regarding charity work, I devote a lot of my time to bluebell wood children's hospice in my local area and also do as much as I can for forces charities as well. And more on topic, when ever anyone has asked for help on this forum or papermodellers, I have always given what I can, if there is a donate button on the download site I always give what I can.
    As an none model related charity, on a VW forum I am a member of. Another member had his camper van burn out, it was a complete wreck and his insurance didn't cover enough to buy a complete camper, he is disabled, not working and so he was unable to fund a new one fully. The group actually raised enough money to buy another camper and outfit to his and his family's needs. Myself and the other members of that forum raised nearly £10000. So I'm not vain. I like to help others out but what is wrong with treating myself as well.

    Sorry for the long post.

    P.S. Regarding the Hachette Bismarck on ebay I didn't say an unbuilt kit. I should have said a complete built and working kit. It takes hundreds of hours to build it and if I had the cash I would consider bidding on it, that's a bargin price at $1400, can't find it, I can only find single issues.
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    I'm sure it can turn to a really good model with some detail and a complete repainting.
  7. retunga

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    Saw the ad the for the model on YouTube last week at woork, I have a internet connection at work that connects to the Belgium network and that is how I saw it, I have checked here in South Africa with the importers of the De Agostini books and there is no word of the model and even if it's going to be imported, If it does I will sign up for it.:fight:

    I have the feeling that it will not be run in South Africa.. :sadno:
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    I have the blueprint which comes with issue 1 (one member of the German modeling forum Phoxim has bought several issues for donor parts and was so kind to send it to me). That thing is HUGE. I mean, REALLY HUGE. Too huge for me, though. :)

    However, one thing is inevitable: Paint. The weathering effect is very inconsistent (ranging from extremely strong to not visible at all) which leads to a very uneven result when the model is built out of magazine:


    So you'll have to repaint the whole model and add your own weathering effects to make it look good. This is one thing which could have done better. IMO they should have provided unpainted parts which also could have reduced the production costs and thus the retail price.
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