Military Super Corsair

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  1. Willja67

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    I've gotten the bug to do some building lately and it's amazing how quick this can go together if you skip a lot of detail. I got this much done in less than 3 days:


    If you go to my gallery you can see this along with the pics below:



    Neither I nor Rick had been able to get the tail cone to fit exactly right and that has always nagged me, but as you can see in the last pic the fit is perfect! I haven't made any mods to it I just didn't put the interior in. That's one less thing to worry about. I just wonder if I need to redesign the interior piece to make it fit better.

    I was going to do BuNo 88454 but Cmdrted got me interested in the theoretical Bunker Hill markings (WWII 1946 stuff) so I decided to do that. Ted was going to do these markings but as we all know he has been wowing is with the skyhawk and I got impatient.

    In addition to the carb intake and the notch and other mods needed for the tailhook I think I'll make the wings foldable and include bombs and rockets in the kit.

    So whaddya think?
  2. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    Send me the PDF along with the supercorsair and I will build it, and pay for it...:) You do good work . . .
  3. Amazyah

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    Beautiful coloring and a beautiful build, Will!
    3 days!?! You are on a roll, my friend!
    She looks great!

  4. cmdrted

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    Wow! Better than anything I coulda come up with! Great looking plane, a great start to "Pacwar '46". I was wondering if anyone could do a Ryan Fireball, and all the too late to actually participate aircraft, that got cancelled, etc. This is a great start. Thanks Will!

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