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  1. i found a cheap way to make mile concrete posts take a common tooth pick shape to your railroad prototype or as you like paint light gray or what ever collor suits you and add decals numbers if you model ho nscale numbers work great:thumb:
  2. Papa Bear

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    Neat idea. While you might not have a big enough layout to post actual scale miles, you could use a milepost to show the location of hidden uncoupling ramps, ends of electrical blocks, etc.
  3. Union Pacific

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    I also found that if you take some 1/8" or so balsa sticks you can print numbers on Word in REALLY small text and use tack glue to tack them on thats what I will use :thumb:
  4. KCS

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    That's what I use. Except I use 1/8x1/8x24 basswood stripps and print out numbers in scale drawin' boxs then just cut them out with a razor blade and glue them on with elmers glue.
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    Great tips folks!

    Thanks for sharing.

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