Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Megazord Papercraft

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    Anyone figure anything else out?
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    You're an idiot. A complete and total idiot.:curse: First off:
    THE ORIGINAL RED RANGER WAS NOT NATIVE AMERICAN. There was a Red Ranger who was of Native American descent, but it was the Red Zeo Ranger, Tommy (who was GREEN in the first season). He was only Red because Zeo was a return to mostly Sentai footage for the fights, and in Sentai the leader is usually the one in the red suit because of that color's connotations in Japan. The first red Ranger, Jason, was of thoroughly mixed-race descent. He had some of everything in him.

    Yes, Thuy Trang who played the original Yellow Ranger was Asian. Half-Vietnamese to be specific. But she was a last minute replacement for the original actress, a Hispanic girl named Audri DuBois, who had scheduling conflicts and wasn't available for filming the series proper. Thuy Trang was the only one who auditioned to replace Audri who could both act and do martial arts and other stunts, so she got the part.

    Walter Jones, who played the original Black Ranger, had initially auditioned for Billy the Blue Ranger and gotten the part. But he decided he'd rather play the Black Ranger because he felt he'd do better as the wise second-in-command than as the brainy nerd, so the character of Zack was created. The part of Billy, open once more, would eventually go to David Yost.

    Both cast and crew were so wrapped up in their work that they didn't realize the implications of the suit color-ethnicity matchups until the show was ten episodes into its run and more had been filmed and were being filmed. So it wasn't racist at all - it was ethnicity-blind. They didn't care which ethnicity went with which color. And the target audience didn't care. As kids, we didn't see "black" or "white" people. We just saw varying shades of brown - we saw things as they really are. Skin color didn't matter to us except when it came to choosing which crayon to use.

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