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Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by Janx, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Janx

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    Mig 31 Firefox pdo model is now n Movies and TV related downloads section.

    Sorry guys I should have posted this in here a few days ago.

    There are no instructions with the model, I had to abandon them as the file got corrupted and I don't have the heart to start them all over again.

    Use Pepakura viewer to open the file. The parts are numbered the same way on the sheets and in the viewers Object list so it should help you with putting it together.
  2. Jaybats

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    thanks! i wish there was also more info on the firefox model prototypes; some are pretty funky...

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  3. jaffro

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    Thanks heaps for sharing this with us Janx, I can't wait to build it, but it might be a while due to a couple of projects already on the go...

    The movie was on TV here a few weeks ago, it sure brought back a few memories and helped move this further up the build queue. :thumb:
  4. OhioMike

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    Great!!! I know someone who RC'ed this model. If the balance is right and the weather is right and the river is flowing right. He said it works, otherwise its twitchy and all the sky!

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