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    None taken, I just didn't want any one converting it to pdf. Modifying scale etc to make it easier to print is not a problem either :)
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    I'm very curious about your thinking here - why the insistence on PDO format?
    Many excellent models come in PDF format. All of the Battlestar Galactica series that myself, nothing, and skupilkinson have done were released in PDF form.

    Why not make both formats available?

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    To be honest the real reason is I am too lazy to redo the model in PDF, I work straight from Maya to Pepakura and adding an extra step is beyond my patience. I could do it (and was for the Striker 1) but for now choose not to for the above reason and it is too easy to copy and modify PDFs, even locked/passworded ones. Didn't really want to get into a discussion about it, it's really just a preference.
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    just link the finished product here....

    so we can easily find it.

    great effort !!!
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    Please forgive me for necroposting about this, but that little model from the page with the oriental writing is not all that good.

    I'd really love to know where a much higher-quality model is, because I want to scale it up pretty large.

    Please let us know where you found the Valkyrie on the net. I've looked for months now and seen nothing, anywhere.
  6. Shin_kazama

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    you mean the FRX-00 yukikaze model?
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    Firefox build


    i just though i would share these pics with you. I am not a seasoned card modeller, i wish i had the time for it. For 20 years odd i have wanted a model of the firefox and thanks to janx i got it. I downloaded the viewing software and then printed the model to A4 i then scaled this up to fit A3 which means it came out at approx 1:33 scale. This worked well with the flymodel su-27 flanker i built 10 years ago.

    The firefox model was very much rushed (completed in 20 hours) as you can see and is really just a prototype build so i could learn how the thing went together and where the critical areas are. I know this now and will be attempting another one..."the second firefox!" which i expect to take signifactly longer and hopefully look much better.

    the model scaled very well indeed hats off to Janx, luckily there are very few blended shapes on the design so it lends itself well to card modelling espically for novices like me. its just the wing to fuselage that needs care (an area i got wrong with this build)

    anyway enough waffle here are a couple of pics of the flanker and firefox together.

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    I'm having trouble getting into the webpage for the Firefox so I can download it. I can easily get to the other models near it but not Firefox. Any one have the same trouble?
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    Some thing seems to be wrong with the download but I have no idea who to contact about it now with all the troubles at the top here. Contact an admin hammer see if they can help.

    That build looks good to me Matr, especially as I never intended it to be large, cudos to you.

    Fancy tackling the interior too? I did rough designs for the interiors but workload pulled me away.
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    You guys are outstanding!...this is a model that I've dreamed of building since I was a kid!
  11. VFR

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    I am trying to build some parts made with balsa wood
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    this could be interesting :)

  13. VFR

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    when I do photos :)
  14. Wbnemo1

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    janx and I have been working on a special project for quite a time now, it's not for a paper model though, it's for a definitive plastic resin model...

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    I saw your work on other forum, great work and very nice, my dream would be to scale model 1 / 10 super detail
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    here are the pictures ....
  17. VFR

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    here are the pictures ....
  18. VFR

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  19. VFR

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    :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb: wall1 wall1 wall1

    how to get this models??
    :) :)

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