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    I decided to try building some 1:18 planes, to go with the 21st century and BBI planes I have. I thought a MiG-21 would be an easy first try (it's just a tube and two deltas, right?). I figured that at 1:18 I would need to beef up a paper model. So, I have scaled up a GPM MiG-21 too, well, 1:18 and scaled up some Jetex plans to serve as the stringers and frames. To go with the plastic planes, I figured that I would build it with working landing gear, flaps, ailerons, rudder and elevators. Just to make it easier for me, I wanted the flaps, ailerons, and elevators to work semi-accurately. To make the landing gear and flight controls I added plastics, aluminum and RC wheels to the paper, balsa mix. It isn't finished, but I did add another skin section to the plane after the last pictures were taken. If this works out, then watch out, I'll be a plane making fool!

    I am also building a purely paper GPM up scale for comparison. I'll add those pictures to a separate thread later.

    WP_20150414_11_41_43_Smart.jpg WP_20150414_11_42_09_Smart.jpg WP_20150414_11_42_44_Smart.jpg WP_20150414_12_25_32_Smart.jpg WP_20150415_14_15_52_Smart.jpg WP_20150415_14_16_16_Smart.jpg WP_20150415_14_16_37_Smart.jpg WP_20150415_14_16_58_Smart.jpg WP_20150417_14_15_46_Smart.jpg WP_20150417_14_21_32_Smart.jpg
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    Dude, that is super, and at 1/18 scale, I LOVE big models! She a beauty for sure! You going to go the R/C route with this? Either way, it is an awesome Jet! :)
  4. Revell-Fan

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    WOW! It looks like a real plane. Will it fly in the end? :)
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    While the Jetex plans are for a flying model, this is not being built to fly. I have tried RC, and it ends badly. My wallet is not large enough, right now, for me to learn. :(
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    Lovely build so far. Paper over Balsa, with other bits thrown in ya gotta love that... as far as RC planes go... you sound like me... can't afford to try them anymore.
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    Thank you for all the positive comments! Today I added the next skin panel and attached the rudder hinge. Next up the elevators.
    WP_20150507_14_19_30_Smart.jpg WP_20150507_14_19_51_Smart.jpg WP_20150507_14_20_23_Smart.jpg WP_20150507_14_20_48_Smart.jpg
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    The trick to R/C/ planes is to buy the cheap ones, and scavenge the controls. You can make some incredible beasts for $50 bucks, if you catch them on sale. I've got around 3 copters right now. :)
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    YEP, indeed!!! I bought some R/C cars a few years ago to diassemble them... However, they are so cute that I am in doubt if I really should chop them up! ;)
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    very nice going to be watching this one
  12. zathros

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    The ball crank assembly looks excellent! Great workmanship all the way around. :)
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    Super work! Looks like it might take off and fly on its own when its finished, without R/C :)
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