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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by gman95687, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. gman95687

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    Hey there, can someone out there tell me where I can find a simple Mig 21 paper/card model, or perhaps even share one?

  2. jcrespo

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  3. shoki2000

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    I have really bad feeling about this page....
    Me-109E is a pirated copy of Maly Modelarz. Changing colors on the fuselage does not make it an original work...
    I have the original and so could compare.
    Can't say about the others but Mig-21 looks like a copy of some Israeli publication...
  4. gman95687

    gman95687 Member

    Thanks to everyone with all the help! I like the one at Fiddler's Green because its pretty simple for my kids to try. However I need it just a tad bit larger. Is it possible to enlargethe one from Fiddler's Green?
  5. Ashrunner

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    Sorry Greg, but I have to agree with Shoki and being the moderator, had to remove the post for that model. The Me-109 was confirmed pirated copy, only the colors were changed to protect the innocent. I deleted the URL on that basis.
  6. gman, if you got an electronic copy of the fiddlers green Mig-21 and its a pdf file you can try useing photo shop to resize it, or if you are getting a hard copy through snail mail you can try office max for $2 a copy on 11x17 card stock, if you want it on a silver bare metal paper it may run you more money and u might have to back it on a heavier paper

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Guys,

    My Bad there, I hadnt even looked at the models there other than to see what was there, it was a page i meant to get back to. Like I said i knew it was a slow loading page and so I had always stopped before ever finishing any downloads. However I had seen the photo gallery with the me 109 and I assumed (we all know how that goes) that this was a legit site.
    Again, My apologies, we'll just chalk this site up to the "do not visit" sites list.

    Thanks for the heads up,

    Greg aka GW
  8. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member

    No problem Greg...that's what us moderators are for 8v) I did look at the MiG-21 kit and it is a rip of the IAF model.

    Gman...you might try looking on eBay for a copy of the IAF or Maly Modelarz version. I think I saw a MiG-21 in their list one time.
  9. yaniv

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    well wait till tommarow in my free day i will tray to look for original copy on some old book stor near to my house (i know thet he have some old models)

    please send me PM

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Guys,

    Well this goes to show that we all do make mistakes. In my now 697 posts here, this makes my second (2nd) bad link. But it does happen and it is somewhat embarassing when it does.
    I remember my first bad link that I posted, I couldnt have been a member of the forum for more than a week or two, and had only recently discovered card models. I found a link with hundreds of aircraft on it and thought I had hit the motherload lol. Well, to make a long story short, it was the "motherload".......of pirated models. So since then I have tried to verify what I find, and had this particluar site with the mig 21 been faster in downloading, I probably would have caught it myself. Unfortunately, the one time I did try downloading from that site, was the su 7 and I finally gave up on the download and had not been back for sometime to retry.
    So, to all of ya out there that may post a bad link occassionally, especially in an effort to "help" someone, dont feel like its the end of the world........it happens.

    thanks again Ash, shoki, et all,

    Have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
  11. shoki2000

    shoki2000 Active Member

    Don't beat on yourself...
    Those guys were smart enough to remove any cover shots from the site.
    I became suspisious after I saw the photo of Me-109. This appeared before on one other pirate web page so I took time to download it plus the Mig-21.
    If I didn't have the original me-109 from maly, I could only have my suspicions, but not the proof.
  12. Huey

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    I know what you mean when you say "motherload" as we've uncovered a "motherload" of cache munitions last year (sorry, no AKs, RPG, hardware) and our security guys (a former Arkansas State Trooper/Marine and an Afrikaner) wanted to blow up the stockpile but we had some concerns that it might bring down the entire mountain, as well as some issues with the military. I know this is way off the subject but i just couldn't help but laugh whenever i hear the word "motherload."

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Guys,

    Naw, this aint gonna get me down, like I said, things like this happen. In my last post I mainly just wanted to let everyone know that they do happen and when it happens to them, dont worry about it too much, especially when the intention was good.
    Two unintentional mistakes in about 700 posts is an acceptable amount for me in my book, especially considering I have had never heard of card modeling before Jan. of this year.
    Like Ashrunner said, "thats what moderators are for" . Anyway, I wont miss a step, I dont even consider it a setback in anyway. Its just a "live and learn" thing.

    have a good evening,

    Greg aka GW
  14. shoki2000

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    That's the spirit! [​IMG]

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