MiG 1.44--model available?

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by diamondback, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. diamondback

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    Has anyone seen a cardmodel available of the MiG 1.44 prototype? It's an old college buddy's favorite unit in a computer game he plays, and I'm looking to build one for him. (Also, maybe upscale the design into a PC-case someday... but that's beside the point.)
  2. Bowdenja

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    you mean this right?

    No cardmodel yet

    Please post pic of the case when complete.....................

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  3. diamondback

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    That's the one, sir. Guess I'll have to keep watching and waiting, maybe lobby the FG guys to consider it.
  4. yaniv

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  5. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

    actually Hobby Model had one, OOP unfortunately

    I have seen it pop up on ebay from time to time

  6. shoki2000

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  7. diamondback

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    Guys, it's looking like Project Flatpack may have a fatal flaw. I found plans for an R/C park-flyer "pseudo-jet" version built from Depron sheet (kinda like cardmodeling in plastic), and it's looking like a MiG-PC built to take an EATX motherboard would be as wide as I am tall over wingtips, and well over 6' long. That's just too big for a PC case, unless I can find a way to thicken up the wing root so the board's edges are in each wing...

    My thanks to all for your help with this project. I'm not quitting yet, but it looks like it may go "on hold" for a while.

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