Mid-Continent Railroad Museum-North Freedom, WI

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by AndyWS, Aug 31, 2006.

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    Andy, THANKS for the link:thumb: , real NICE picture tour you have done:thumb: . i think the last time i was there, i was about 10(31yrs ago). THANKS!:D -Deano
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    Glad you liked 'em Deano. It had been awhile since I'd been there too (12 years), which is why I thought we ought to stop by. I modified the post a bit, fixed some typos and added another picture that I'd forgotten to upload (of #1385's smokebox cover).

    As a fellow Wisconsinite and UP fan, perhaps you can shed some light on why the UP locomotives I see on Wisconsin & Southern and Wisconsin Central LTD tracks always seem to be pulling M.O.W./ballast trains? I don't ever see UP locomotives on other trains, nor WSOR/WC engines on ballast trains. I have been wondering about this for awhile.

    Here is such a train in the yard at Madison, with one of your namesake locomotives. :)

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    Andy:wave:, not sure what the deal is up there:confused: , but i can tell you this, UP has trackage rights with IC&E HERE IN BELOIT!(UP also has there own tracks here):thumb:...AND, in Janesville UP and WSOR share the rails in spots. i have seen UP engines at the WSOR roundhouse in Janesville MANY TIMES!:thumb: :D the WSOR roundhouse is just 50yds from the hobby shop i go to!:D UP, WSOR and IC&E have interchange tracks in Janesville. UP also has the "Harvard Sub" yard in Janesville. and last, but NOT least, UP services GM in Janesville, and Fairbanks-Morse here in Beloit:D . i know it dont help you with your neck of the woods, but gives you insight to mine;) . funny you see WC engines?, they were bought out by the SOO. BTW, NICE PIC!!!:D -Deano
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    Hi Andy. This is also Andy!:wave: I was in North Freedom in March 2005. I have some pictures of my trip on my web site: http://www.geocities.com/andystrains/ Did you see that old Rock Island wooden caboose?:D I was very impressed with their operations. During that time I was there, I went to Madison. WI model railroad fair.

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    The UP also has trackage in Wisconsin Rapids. It feeds the paper mill there. The WC/CN has tracks near that goes to the Stevens Point yard. I use to live in Edgar (near Wausau), Wisconsin.

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    I don't know anything about your area to be able to give you an authorative answer, but since the U.P. is a much bigger system than the W.C., I wonder if the ballast is quarried somewhere else on the U.P. system and then imported to the W.C. by the U.P.?

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