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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by coachsig, Dec 19, 2003.

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    Is there a database available out there for MicroTrains. I am starting to accumulate some pieces and would like to find a comprehensive list of what has been produced. I can find lists of what is available at particular sites but have not found the "Mother List"...does such an animal exist on the net?

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    Thanks for your time. My request was probably unclear .....I really was looking for a master list of their rolling stock in some order of production. I'm a beginner at this (MT purchasing)and have no idea of value/scarcity, etc. I am finally in a position that I can devote some of my MRR funds to quality rather than quanity. I also just started to replace much of my loco power with Kato, Spectrum, etc. and am seriously toying with the idea of DCC since I will be replacing most of my locos anyway.

    Again, thanks for your time!

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    Ahh... (light coming on)...

    Have you checked out this page? http://www.micro-trains.com/data_bases.htm

    The Sorted "N Scale Release" It doesn't go back too far (starts at Dec 2001), but the Unsorted one is 30 pages of mish-mash. There is a link at the bottom of the page to download a MS Excel spreadsheet, so you can sort it that way.

    Hope this helps,

    -- John
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    Grrrr.... :mad:

    About the only thing missing from that file is the TYPE of the car... :mad:

    -- John
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    The Micro-Trains site has an Excel spreadsheet which is updated. To translate into the body styles, there is also a body style spreadsheet.

    May I also humbly suggest my Unofficial Micro-Trains Release Report site which contains information on the last seven years of release by year of release and also archives of my reviews and commentary on the releases since 1998, plus images of most releases since 2001, and some features including a few modifications to MTL cars. The UMTRR is my personal contribution to the hobby and it's not affilated with Micro-Trains Line, Inc.

    I have just done the December update so all 12 months of reports for the year are out there (archive versions, shorter than the subscriber versions and without live links-- not enough time to maintain them).

    I also have a body style table which includes a couple more fields than MTL's does, like first date of release. I'm hoping to eventually have all the prototypes for the body styles included as well, though that's definitely a long term project.

    Go to http://www.irwinsjournal.com for the UMTRR site and several other train related offerings. All cookie free, no obligation, no salesperson will call!

    George in Ellison Park, NY
    Author, The Unofficial Micro-Trains Release Report
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    Welcome Aboard George!, As one who has subscribed to the UMTRR for the past few years I will recommend your site to all N Scale model railroaders who are looking for information, reference N Scale rolling stock.:thumb:
    Also, Welcome to The Gauge, which is, In my opinion, The best model railroad Forum in existance.
    We are here to share ideas, solve problems, offer advice, showcase our own indivdual efforts and generally have fun in a flame free environment, so come on in and have a good time.:D
    Merry Christmas And All The Best To You And All Close To You!

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    George, thanks for posting the link to your site. I really like the "A1G" section, as I have couple of those cars which managed to survive what my brother and I inflicted upon them whilst we were growing up :D

    -- John

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