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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Iron Goat, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. Iron Goat

    Iron Goat Member


    MicroSoft's Train Simulator is currently on sale at Wal-Mart for $9.95.... that is quite a savings over what I paid for mine, a couple of years ago. It is a great
    program, and it comes witha downloadable (PDF) file.... M/S Train Simulator's "Engineer's Manual", that is worth the $9.95 alone. I play with it alot... when I can get my grandkids to quit playing it !!!

    Bob :wave:
  2. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    You are right Bob. It is great software and works like a charm. It and Trainz seem to be getting together to make computer train running even better.
  3. stump7

    stump7 Member

    Thanks for the tip off. What dept would one look in? Toys? Software?
  4. Iron Goat

    Iron Goat Member

    It was in the Electronics/Software area.... in a special rack for software sale items. It was marked down to $9.95, and is at all stores according to the sales clerk.

    Good hunting.... Bob
  5. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Thanks, I was just in that dept, not an hour ago. I'll have to go back. I've spent that much on simply junk programs.
  6. Iron Goat

    Iron Goat Member

    Another FYI.....

    My LSH owner told me he had the last copy of M/S Train Sim from "Wally-World's" Super Store here in Blue Springs, but another friend told me he just bought two Train Sim's at another WalMart in Independence, MO..... so it looks like they are available "system wide" until the supply runs out. GOOD LUCK !!!

    Bob :cool:
  7. Casey Jones

    Casey Jones New Member

    At $9.95 they are still over-priced! Especially for a silly game.
    If you want a REAL Train Sim, then you need to get TRAINMASTER as it will teach you how to run a train. You can even buy a 1/4 scale console to add to the realism.
    Check out
  8. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Welcome to the Gauge Casey. I think M/S train sim and Trainz both do a good training job. I haven't tried Trainmaster yet but will consider it.
  9. nolatron

    nolatron Member

    It's a ways away, but here's the train sim to keep an eye out for:

    The makers of MS Train Sim, Kuju, teamed up with Electronic Arts to bring this new title.

    I just hope they bring it to the states!
  10. glenn railey

    glenn railey Member

    I bought my copy three years ago for about $40.00. I thought it was great buy at that price. It is probably the game that has given me the most enjoyment. You can make it as difficult as you want it to be.
    Man for $10.00 it is a steal. Just think how many times you spend $10.00 on junk stuff.
  11. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Welcome to the Gauge Casey. We may be talking a "silly game" here, but it is only $10. Your Trainmaster console as I see it, is more in the range of $150, I'nm not sure what the cost of the software is since I didn't look too much further. That's fine for some folks, but the $10 version might be all one needs to while away some idle time while you wait for some ballast or glue or paint to dry. Just think what you can do with that extra $140 that you can now spend on your layout.:D
  12. jcoop1

    jcoop1 Member

    Just Got Mine

    Just picked mine up for $9.84 in Roseville Ca.
    installing it as we speak.

    thanks for the heads up.
  13. RailRon

    RailRon Active Member

    Welcome to the Gauge, Casey.

    As it seems, you are mixing up two things: Train Simulator is software, as well as Trainz or Trainmaster.
    Raildriver, however, is hardware. It is a console which simply replaces the keyboard - it's about the same as an advanced joystick for flight simulators. It simulates the engineers levers and gadgets in the cab of a Dash 9. And, as Don already pointed out, it's not quite cheap! And you can run your train simulation perfectly without it.

    IMO it's a bit harsh to call MSTS a 'silly game'. Although it won't be developed further by Microsoft, operationwise it still offers at least the same amount of realism like the flight simulator. And you can get hundreds of free routes, rolling stock and other stuff through the web - for free! No other simulation (except TRAINZ) has such an amount of followers. For $10 for this 'silly game' is a top bargain, if I ever saw one.

    The new Rail Simulator by Kuju/Electronic Arts will be the successor of MSTS, coming out next winter, I think.

  14. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

  15. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    I live out in the sticks with nary a Wally-World in sight. :( I tried to order from their web site but all it is for is to pickup at a store. If someone would be willing to pick a copy up for me I would really appreciate it. PM or email me if you would be willing and we can arrange payment and shipping and the price of gas to pick it up (another dollar or two at least :D ).
  16. NYC-BKO

    NYC-BKO Member

    Thanks to this thread, I went out and bought one too! Not really into this kind of thing as I ran/run the real thing but at that price who could pass it up.[​IMG]
  17. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way


    I'm heading there today to pick one up. If they have any, I'll pick up a second one for you. I'll let you know when I get back.
  18. Wabash Banks

    Wabash Banks Member

    Careful guys! That sim can really cut into your modeling time!!!!

    If you insist on installing it.....head over to
    They have more stuff for free download than you can imagine. Better bring a high speed connection along though! Some of the routes are broken into 4-6, 20-40 meg downloads. They are worth it though!
    Also a word to the wise....Microsoft did some stupid stuff with this sim. Everytime you add a new route you copy the majority of a scenery set onto the harddrive again. A few routes and the rolling stock will fill a hard drive quickly!

    For the narrow gauge fans, there is a Rio Grande Southern route that is really impressive! A 25 mph speed limit makes you feel like you are on a roller coaster with the way the track curves and dips.

    Until my computer died I was running the sim and belong to a virtual railroad. Fun place to hang out. If you guys have any problems getting the thing running or other questions about the trains themselves, give me a yell.
  19. stump7

    stump7 Member

    I went to the Wal Mart in Albuquerque this morning and after a 15 minute search found a copy buried in behind some other stuff. Could only find one though. Now I have a 90 page manual to read:( Thanks again Bob for the tip off.
  20. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way


    Sorry, I went to our local Wal-mart and couldn't find any. There are several others in the area so I'm not giving up. If I find any I'll let you know.

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