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  1. David Rasch

    David Rasch New Member

    Bought my first Micromodel from Micromodels usa. It arrived, all in good shape. I'd like to hear from other modelers who have experience with these exquisite representations. Tips on constructin would be helpful. I just ordered Vatican and the larger Vatican based on the Micromodel kit from PMI. I also ordered the catalogue. I wanted to see for myself what these larger kits are like. When I've completed the Temple Bar, and I find a camera small enough to take a picture, I'll try posting.


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  2. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Hi, David!

    I have a few of these Micromodel kits in the "to do" stash, but haven't built one of them as of yet. I do like the smaller sized models, as you might have noticed in my build of a 1/1000 scale MS Krefeld.

    I have the Cotton Blossom stern wheeler printed out which I hope to get to in the next month or two, and have been working on re-coloring the Cutty Sark for a future build as well.

    I do hope you get to post a few photos of your builds at some point and that you share your experiences with us all of the build.

    BTW, which model did you get from Micromodels USA? I have most if not all of them and love the wonderful job they have done on the graphics...superb kits...and more under development!

  3. david050

    david050 New Member

    Thanks for your post. I have the Temple Court from Micromodels USA. Soon I will be recieving the catalogue along with Vatican from PMI. PMI has about 60 micros available. I think I'm going to have a copy made at the local print shop to practice on. The card stock is not as heavy, but it should give me a chance to work out what I need to do.

  4. Millimodels

    Millimodels Member

    I got side tracked by the railway models and have never started on the architectural ones that I have stock-piled. Now I'm producing my own railway sets and still have the architectural ones waiting.
    I suppose that I like my models to be grouped in a constant scale and the railway ones are much nearer to this (though they still vary) than the buildings.

    Robin Madge
  5. David Rasch

    David Rasch New Member

    I'll have to look up the railway ones. I saw some out there on the web. I always wonder about the quality of the reproductions-copies of originals. Getting the micromodels gives me a good reason to buy another container of tacky glue.
  6. David Rasch

    David Rasch New Member

    I've been to micromodel usa website Jim. That's where I got Temple Bar. Think it best to buy the C.D. and print my own. The copy I made to learn from, I made thru the University copy shop. The paper is not as heavy so that may help with folds. I have a spare bedroom I am redecorating for my grand daughter to use when she visits. Since she isn't due till June, I have time. I plan to ring the room with shelvs themed with micro and other paper models. If she trashes one, no biggie, I can make another.
  7. David Rasch

    David Rasch New Member

    More Micro

    Just recieved my shipment from OMI. I got the vatican in micromodel and the larger version. The original is neat-real neat. And at seven bucks, can't be beat. The larger version is from Kennilworth and I was disappointed. The cards were enlarged, but no effort to 'clean' them up. I mean, the lines are not crisp. I also got the catalogue from PMI with their list of availables and will shop there. I will still have the original micros copied to I can dry run before attempting the original.
    Has anyone done business with Kennilworth Pess?
  8. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Hi, David:
    I ordered the Kenilworth Press HMS Victory and got the same result...merely an enlarged version of the original Micromodels design. Frankly, the print could have been enhanced, I think, with a bit more detail at this scale, which I might do myself anyway. I would like to eventually recolor the original with a bit of detail on the copper plating and add a bit more 3d detail to the transom part with the stern railings, and stuff like that...and then reduce it to 1/600 scale, which is what the original seems to be. Might be a simple matter of two-ply for the transom, cutting out the spaces between the rails, not sure yet (it's pretty small so might just add the bits in pieces instead of going nuts trying to make it a single overlay).
    I was hoping the Kenilworth version was a bit enhanced but it's just an enlargement. I can't say if all of their offerings are the same, though.
  9. astroboy

    astroboy Member

    I bought the Kennilworth S.S. United States and it too is just an enlargement (200%). To their credit, Kennilworth wrote some nice instructions which the Micromodels lack.

    Bill Kastenmeier
  10. David Rasch

    David Rasch New Member

    Micromodels at large

    Think I will stop by the university print shop and have them do a copy of the micromodel Vatican so I can do a practice set up. I agree that enhancing is almost a requirement for the Kenilworth products. Bought the catalogue from PMI which was well worth it. They have clearly labeled which micros are done at the same scale and same stock. Their prices are the best. I saw the vast array of railroad stuff in th catalogue and it set my mouth watering.
  11. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

    Bill, did you figure out the scale of the United States as enlarged by Kenilworth?

    David, you are right, PMI is a class group...did the catalog give the scales for the micromodels? Just wondering if my guesstimate for HMS Victory of 1/600 is about right or not.

  12. David Rasch

    David Rasch New Member

    Micromodel sizes

    From the book: Railroad is close to z scale; aircraft are 1;200; the others avry so they can fit onto the card stock used. Not much help. the uss united states is 999 ft long, 101 at the beam and 175 ft tall. Can't do the math.
  13. astroboy

    astroboy Member

    The scale of the Kennilworth SSUS is 1/1000 (or very very close to that). The model is said to be 13" long but that includes the base. The ship is almost 12 inches. The real thing is 990 feet long.

    Bill Kastenmeier
  14. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member

  15. Lepercan

    Lepercan Member

    I built the Monitor and Virginia set a few months ago. Goes together well, particularly if you remember to color edges and if you add smoke to both stacks and maybe a cannon.


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