Microcosm engine from china

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    I try to design a steam engine, you can have a look like. The exchange of learning

    Marine * steam engine *
    90 degree angle of the V-shaped design, with oil cup lubrication.
    It has a reversible valve operation in both directions, the pressure becomes ready servo connector.
    , Under the best conditions, it can be used to run the ship 0.8m.
    This machine is 21.5CM long, 9cm wide, 17.8CM high.
    Price: $ 280

    Twin Cylinder Marine Steam Engine Model

    Total length: 90mm
    Full size: 83mm
    Full-height: 85mm
    Bore: 9.5mm
    Stroke: 15mm
    Weight: 400g
    Output shaft: 4mm
    Suitable for hull length of 700 to 1,000 mm.
    Extremely well built with solid brass components.90-degree angle V-shaped design and have Oil pot for live steam engine.
    compact structure, which makes it very unusual, probably for paddle boats or land vehicles.Extremely well built
    with solid brass components.
    It has a reversible valve to run both directions with variable pressure, ready for servo connection.
    Price: $ 210


    MicrocosmM6 Small Steam Engine

    Product Code:MicrocosmM6
    Shipping Weight:500 g

    Boiler volume:20cc
    Total length:60mm
    The engine number noted in:flywheel 28.5MM, output shaft 2mm Bore 4.5MM, piston stroke 7MM.
    Pretty nice engine with a lot of high quality parts.A very nice, I'm sure the buyer will be very pleased with this one!
    Price: $ 136

    I take Paypal as well as other forms of payment. I am happy to ship overseas. Postage and insurance AT COST. NO markup. No "handling fees".

    Next stop for this stuff is eBay...
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    I will let you get away with this post, though technically, the models should have been listed in the classified section.

    The link to "Microcosm Engine From China" cannot not appear again in any post, ever. Thank You.

    These models are beautiful, and if you ever did a step by step design, with plans that we could use, I will again allow you to post a commercial link. :) :)
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    Well, I've changed signature, no link.
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    People can contact you by P.M. (Private Message) also, which gives you much more privacy in your transactions. :)

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