Micro Trains 1015 vs. 1016

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Stephenr216, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. Stephenr216

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    Concerning the 1015 short shank body mount coupler versus the 1016 long shank body mount coupler conversion kit:

    I'm an N scale newbie who just got a load of Micro Trains coupler conversion kits in the mail (These things are tiny even to my 23 year old eyes!). Unfortunately, I have short shank 1015's for all of my 36' reefers, on 9 3/4" radii track. My question is, should I bite the bullet and order a whole new set of 1016 long shank couplers, or will the short 36' car length avoid derailments on my sharp turns? Also, when I do make the conversion, do I just hobby knife off the original truck mounted couplers?

  2. Stephenr216

    Stephenr216 New Member

    Scratch that, scratch that. Screw body mounted conversion kits. :mad: I'm sending all this stuff back to its maker, and ordering a slew of MT 1000 and 1003 assembled truck kits instead. This is my first layout and I'd rather spend 50 bucks more, not have to butcher my brand new shiny freight cars, have nice perfectly working truck mounted couplers for my tight turns, and save I don't know how many hours out of my life. 1015 or 1016, WHO CARES?! :p

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