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    All of us are always on the lookout for N Scale vehicles.
    On a visit to a friends layout I was admiring some of Mike Cannazzero's autos and upon asking him where he got them I was surprised when he told me they were micro machines by ERTL and were from a series run of Dick Tracy cars in several scales.
    They have some Dick Tracy logos on them that are easily removed with the use of a pencil eraser. The Black and white police car has a star on the side that is a sticker and can be peeled off.
    These can be still found on the E auction by putting in Dick Tracy Micro.
    Here is a comparison to two Classic Metal works vehicles (the pickup and the Plymouth on the left).


    This is what the package looks like and some info.
    ERTL Disney Dick Tracy Micro Size Car Set No. 2672

    The ERTL Company, Inc./The Walt Disney Co., 1990. Made in China.
    Set of 4 micro size cars from the 1990 Disney movie starring Warren Beatty and Madonna. Each car measures approx. 1 inch long. Includes Tess’ Car, Tracy’s Car, Police Car and Itchy’s Car.

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    I have managed to utilize some Micro-Machines on my layout also...mainly the construction equipment. They aren't perfect, but after weathering and some minor changes; I can find a place for them. Those Dick Tracy cars look pretty good, but they are too old for my era. Perhaps I could rust them up and put them in a junk yard....

    The Monopoly pieces put out by Johnny Lightning make some cool N-scale vehicles, but you do have to take the time to paint them which can present some challenges.

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