Mexico's Day of the Death on Paper

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    Fellow cardmodelers.

    As you may or may not know, in Mexico (and in other parts of Latin America), we have a festival to honor our loved ones who precede us to the Other Side.

    This festival, called Dia de Muertos (Day of the Death) has its roots in the pre-Spanish Mexico. Aztecs, and before them the Mayas and other great civilizations like them, honored their ancestors with festivities with flowers, music, food, parades, and the like. When the Spaniards arrived (1492 with Cristobal Colon - or Christopher Columbus), they brought something similar, a festival for November 2 (which in turn came from the well knows Hollows Eve from northern Europe, known today as Halloween).

    Fast forward 21st Century. Although Mexico and other countries in South America are adopting the festival of Halloween (mostly because of the candies, :) ), we still remember our past family on this day visiting the cemeteries and taking flowers to them, making parades, baking a special sweet bread called Pan de Muerto (Bread of Death), and making altars.

    These altars have many things the remembered ones liked when alive: food, tequila, fruits, toys... you name it. Also the altar is colorful and seems joyful, just like you want to remember him or her.

    The kindergarten where My daughter is, asked the families to create a miniature of an altar. This is where I stepped in with paper modeling. I built the Death, the Bride and the Groom and a coffin from Haunted Paper Toys for the altar. The characters looked so similar to the Mexican characters of the same name in our culture, I couldn't help but build them to this miniature.

    Then my wife made the colorful items for it. My daughter and son helped pasting and cutting.

    For you my friends at forum, a token from Mexico on these festival, hope you like it:




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    Just for correctness sake, the exact name of the italian explorer who incidentally discovered Americas ( he was looking for India and well, i don't know if "discovering" is correct, because pre-colombian civilizations already lived there since milleniums, so they discovered Americas :grin:) is Cristoforo Colombo (Genova,1451- Valladolid,1506).
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    Obrigado, Hpept!
    Yes, the name has always created questions about who he really was, wasn't he?
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    Pretty cool! Do the geometric patterns hanging above the bed signify anything.
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    Good question. It's called "papel picado" - "punched paper". It's made of china paper (can't say if in English is called that way). It's about 19gr paper, punched in such a way that you get a drawing. In Mexico it is used as decorations in many festivities in forms of table carpets, street decoration, banners, etc. Very colorful, there as many drawing as subjects.


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