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Discussion in 'South and Central America' started by milenio3, Sep 7, 2004.

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    Since the Mason-Dixon line is the boundary between Pa and Md--There's a whole bunch of north between there and here. There's a whole bunch of "north in S Fl, too. Sometimes "North" is a state of mind. I have a brother-in-law who considers anything above Montgomery to be yankee country. He's not "right" a lot of the time, though. I guess if I lived in Tierra Del Fuego--most of the world would be north.
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    Jeez, look what's started because of a little joke - but I should have expected any mention of the M-D line to get a full-blown discussion going.
  3. silverw

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    I can settle this...

    I'm sitting here at obout 47 degrees NNORTH, latitude....... and, I'm still claiming ALL the North.... so there!!! :lol: :shock: :D :twisted: :?: :eek:
  4. cygielski

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    All North America, you mean -- I'm up here at 52 degrees and Leif Oh is even further up. :mrgreen:
  5. silverw

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    Hi cygielski...

    Well... to be's 52.13 deg N, 106.62 deg W........ so, I'm looking straight East, and waving.... :lol: ...HI....

    Yup... for now .... I'm just claiming the "NORTH" of North America!!! :lol:


    P.S. BTW.... I'm in Southern Saskatchewan!!! he he .. :twisted: :D
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