Metsequoia Ship Hulls for Dummys

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    I'm writing this mainly because I have more time on my hands than the real experts here. I do hope they will all jump in and rescue this thread (and me). I know enough to design a ships hull which in fact means I know about 20% of meta's capabilities but I do have fun. I love meshes they make you look clever when you are not.

    We are not trying to produce a pretty picture what we need to achieve is a shape that can be translated into a card model that will fool peoples eyes that it is not all straight lines.

    My aircraft are a bit on the rubbish side so we will make a ships hull and we will do a difficult one (?), sod all the primitives for now (actually they are fantastic aids to building modern warships).

    My computer has a fault somewhere in the chain in that the points sort of get logged as somewhere near where I pointed the mouse.

    As I have Spruance on the blocks we will use that saves me a lot of work

    First of all read this by Keith

    Done that then it's in at the deep end.

    Keith describes the function of every button etc in the software so I intend to skip all that and go straight to this


    Obtain a 3 view plan and I reduce it to about 1020 by 512. Copy the plan to give a top view bow pointing down the page, left hand side view and a bows on view.


    Right click on the Img button on any of the panels browse your files and select a view to suit. Close the popup screen your plan will appear in each window apart from the 3d image use the magnifying class button to get a size you can work with. Click on the Bkimg button (bottom left) click on the axis button just above. Now move the drawing using the left mouse button to set each of the panels to the centre position you have chosen (0,0,0) as soon as you have this click select on the panel or something otherwise you will move everything off centre. Now when you use the panel movement and scaling controls (top right in each panel) the images will move in synch.


    Click on Create, select Line from the drop down box and we are off click to make a point appear don't worry if you miss for now. I start at the top of the bow then clicking a point at the top of each former postion and going around the plan and back to the start clicking the botttom end of the former on the way back. Now click on the points to join the verticals and you should end up with the diagram above (to stop the lines following your clicks left mouse button click). If the drawing disappears off the side move it back using the movement controls at the top right corner of the box (there is an arrow pointing to them).

    Turn off the image (Img) top left of each box and use a mark 1 eyeball to see what your drawing looks like. To move a point I use the Edit Panel you can use the Move button on the control panel or use the Edit panel you click on X,Y,Z ONLY move the mouse left and right regardless of the direction of movement (up and down does nothing for you) until the points are lined up as you want. (keith is now having hysterics in the background its just that I prefer using the panel)

    Select Face on the drop down Create panel and click on the points to create faces from the lines. If you want to produce a triangle face right click the mouse button otherwise it will produce a polygon on the fourth click.You should end up with something like this. Everything is really a take off from this.


    Image shack is driving me up the wall at the moment so I shall stop here if you think this is too basic, b****dy boring or just plain rubbish please indicate I shall not run a pole on the grounds it would bruise my ego.
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    This is great Barry, please continue.

    Can we see how it's constructed at the end as well, if you have time? i'm not sure how you should glue a keel, formers and hull skin together. i'm sure there are lots of ways to build a ship? i just don't know any of them.

    some more links for you

    your mouse is missing point locations because you have the grid snap on. 'Grid' button in the edit options, i know because i can see it in the pictures. :)

    keith - BTW i do use the edit panel
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    let's build some bulkheads

    Thanks Keith your eyes are better than mine as usual.

    I create a new object for each of the bulkheads just makes it easier to select an individual item to tinker with.

    First set the Lock Key symbol on next to the spine object then you will not get the various objects merging into each other.

    On the Object panel click New then save yourself a lot of hassle later use Prop to give it a meaningful name instead of Obj1. Using Rope select a point in the 3d window (i use the 3d window a lot because it's often a lot easier to select a set of points where you can see you have not done any inadvertant selections) this locks the point in space we are starting from in all the windows.

    Click on Create and Line.

    Switch to the Front Panel view (make sure it says Front in the box on the top left side) using the point we have selected outline the bulkhead you wish to draw remember to draw the vertical line back up to the top of the bulkhead. Just as a check turn off the Img and turn off the show box in the Object panel on the spine, if it looks like half a bulkhead you are fine. Use the Edit panel to line up the dots. You need enough dots to show a gentle curve try to avoid having a sharp angle down to the keel. When you are trying to fit more dots into a curve than Metsequoia likes it will show a comment of "Point already selected", fine just put it far enough away from the last dot out to the side then carry on outlining. When you have finished just line them up manually later.

    A TIP always join the last dot to the keel using the 3d window it saves Metsequoia getting confused and joining the line to the stern or something. It does that quite often if you don't watch it.


    The arrows just point to the things I have mentioned above

    Ok switch to Faces again and I use the starting point and draw triangles all the way round the bulkhead.


    Repeat this for all the bulkheads. Some of them a bit on the wavy side ?


    Select the start point again at the top of the screen click on "Select" (top of the screen) then click "Align vertices" select the axis you wish to align ctrl/C it close the box, select all the bulkhed, select "Align vertices" again ctrl/v the figure back into the right box click ok you should now have a perfectly vertical bulkhead do the same for each axis if necessary

    Big job now, lets put in the keel plate Select All, select Knife on the left hand side use the Front view select and hold Shift key now just move the mouse line straight through all the bulkheads this will add lines from all over it does not matter.

    Make a new object lock all the other objects select faces and join dot for dot using the 3d window is easiest.


    Make a new object and join the outer top edges of the bulkheads to form the deck using Create and Line change to faces fill in the squares you have a deck


    Stopping here the damn washing machine has just flooed
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    Please continue. I think this type of threads are very helpful for people as myself want to try 3d modeling.

    For me, the best is a complete example. This can be a simple cube, but a complete example is good to start.

    Thanks for your time in wrote this, please go ahead.

  5. Amazyah

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    Thank you Barry!

    I really enjoy toots like this. Thanks for taking the time to show us how it's done.

  6. Gearz

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    Dummys!! (puts hand up)

    I've been trying to build a form very similar to your hull for ages (without much success) Thanks for posting this tut Barry, very helpful! ~ There's way more lurking under Meta's hood of than I ever suspected.
    :-D :-D :-D
  7. barry

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    Thanks for the encouragement it really is for dummies by a dummy.


    I am not sure what you mean by complete example ?

    Cubes etc are covered very well by Keith.

    I will try to finish this part in the next couple of days but I am having to help an old mate who is ill.


  8. barry

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    Hull plates

    add the faces down to the keel plate just join all the dots as usual.

    To create the underwater plating create a new object for each set of frames and add the faces from the keelplate to the keel line at the base

    Last item unlock all the objects click Select All then click the Select at the top of the page then click Mirror.

    This should give you the total hull.

    sorry about the change in picture style can't get Image Shack to work tonight.

    Now the fun starts you have to get it to unroll in Pepakura or some other program but that is for another night.

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