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    My name is Pedro, from Spain (Madrid)

    I am writing for the first time in this fantastic forum in order to tell you wich is my main hobby: to collect metro maps. I have this hobby since 10 years ago, and actually I am collecting metro maps (or public transport maps) of other cities out of spain. I love trains and metro, and I feel that this page is one of the best to share my loves for the trains.

    I would be really really glad if I know that here, in this forum, there are people with the same hobby, so I could share maps with him by post.
    The maps that I am talking about are free public transport maps that you can get in the stations, that small maps (the original and físical one, not scaned). Mainly I collect maps of Metro network, trams, suburban trains...

    I could send some interesting maps of Madrid as well (metromaps, citi maps, postcard too... what you want).

    If you know people that collect metro/trams maps, let them know that Pedro from Spain is interesting in share maps by post. [​IMG]

    Thanks a lot in advance!, And best Regards for all of you!!

    Pedro. [​IMG]

    fyi, My mail:

    btw: When I was a child, I had some small trains of "Ibertren", an Spanish producer of model trains. My dream in the future is to have money and enought time to build it again and play with the trains.
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    Actually I have grabbed a few such transit maps, since I assume that they'll be something important for historical reference in future decades. If you would be interested in trading such things (or photos of European trams) I wouldn't mind picking up a Sacramento Light Rail schedule for you! Post your address and I'll drop something in the mailbox!
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    you have a private message! ;)
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    ALL of Australia's metro maps are click here Just click on any area to show a more detailed map.

    Melbourne's map is click here and it includes rail, and tram maps.

    There maps are the actual brochures/pamphlets that you get. Not scanned. (but electronic versions). The paper and electronic versions are exactly the same.

    Enjoy. :) :wave: :thumb:

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