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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by TexDoc, Dec 17, 2007.

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    I decided to take the plunge and start replacing plastic wheels with metal. But, come to find out, metal wheels are not available. At least the Fox Valley metal wheels. I haven't found an online dealer that has 100 packs in stock. In fact George told me that Fox Vally has even stopped answering his emails when he inquires as to when they can fill his orders.
    So, is there another brand as good as the elusive Fox Valley wheels? Are they available. Price comparable?
    I ordered FVM-3301-100 33" Wheel with .540" axle (100 pack)and wanted a coupe of 100 packs, 3 if available.
    Who's in the know?
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    Plenty of other dealers that sell the brand you can check with.

    Maybe also email Mike at Fifer Hobby to see if he can get some.
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  4. TexDoc

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    I ordered from Chuck a couple of months ago. Well, pre-order. Not in yet. Then I tired George and he said his inquiry emails are no longer answered by Fox Valley??? Guess something happened in the production cycle. Probably those pesky Chinese???
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    Chuck, at Feather River Trains has indicated that FVM wheelsets will be back in stock in January. It looks like Matt at FVM is doing another large production run.


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