Messerschmitt BF109-G8 Modelik 1/33

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    Ok - a couple more pictures. The other side of the front cockpit including the detail from above plus the air cleaner, and a view of the rear including the control surfaces for the stabilizers and you can kind of see the tail gear underneath.

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  2. dansls1

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    Well, no updates from me today, but I did find some period pictures of this actual plane.

    If you go to the main site (Falcon's Messerschmitt Bf 109 Hangar) there are more pic's of this plane and more period pictures of lots of BF109's.

    One thing I do notice about this particular plane is that in the period pictures the '14' is outlined in black and the kit has no outline. Something that would be easy enough to fix, but I'll leave it like it is - it's possible that it was changed at some point in the life of the plane anyway.
  3. dansls1

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    Here's an update on this build. I've got the spinner, canopy, exhaust on one side, the external fuel tank and antennae only left - so it shouldn't be too long.
    Meanwhile - here's a couple pictures. First is one of the wheels. I did a bit of kit-bashing on this one. The kit just has the wheel and tire design on a single piece of paper and has you laminate to thickness. I wanted to give a bit more shape to the tire, so in my searching for builds I found the file on the next to last post in this thread on by Heribert. I used the rings number 8, 9 and 10, cut all the edges bevelled in the correct direction. I determined how much thickness I needed inside the 2 printed pieces and build the laminate thickness up so the overall tire would match the thickness in the instructions. I then glued the rings together and coated the inside edges with cyanoacrylate. I filed them to as best round as I could do by hand. Then I painted those inside edges, and glued the whole wheel bits together. From there, I coated the whole tire part with gap-filling cyanoacrylate. I then put them on the dremel and turned them to shape. I think they came out ok, although I have a bit of roughness in them - I think my cyanoacrylate is getting bad causing it to crystallize a bit on drying.
    The second picture is one side exhaust - not perfect but looks pretty good to the naked eye in person.

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  4. Quite nice. Exellent in fact
  5. eric_son

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    Especially the small parts like the engine air intake and the exhausts.
  6. Janx

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    Stunning in fact Dan..:thumb:
  7. jaffro

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    Nice work Dan, i love the little details and that cockpit is outstanding stuff...

    It's build threads like this that make me want to do a plane, but there's not too many planes that fit into my "movie cars" build queue... maybe a top gun F-14 or Mig one day perhaps :D

    Actually... I just got a really cool mental image... A diorama of an F-14 flying inverted over a Mig (29?)... I'd just need to find a little co-pilot figure holding a polaroid camera :p
  8. Fred Bultman

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    Very nice workmanship. What do you think of the fit overall. Seen much criticism of Modelik lately. Sometimes its hard to tell if its the builder or the model. In your case, I think any problems would be with the model.

    regards from the south side of the river.
  9. dansls1

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    I haven't found any issues with the kit. It has gone together very nicely and had good fit of all parts. It definitely seems like Modelik models depend heavily on the designer. In this case, Lukasz Fuczek is the designer, the Orlik BF109-G2 is the same basic kit in a different color pattern and I've seen 3 or 4 other builds in various foreign forums of the BF109 with no issues. In addition, I've seen a few other designs and builds from Lukasz (he's got a couple of his builds in the gallery here), and he is an amazing modeller and seems to be a pretty good builder.
    If I were to have any issue with the model overall, it would be that I'd like to see a few more build diagrams. There are parts that aren't shown anywhere in those given, so it takes a bit of guessing at times - but I was able to figure everything out with a little help by searching the build threads I discussed above.
    I do thank you for all the compliments. This is only my 2nd 1/33 scale plane and there are definitely some places on the build where I could have done better. I'm not necessarily picking them out to take pictures, but not really hiding them either. Overall I'm very happy with the results, it's just a matter of taking your time. I was hoping to finish her up today, but it might not be until early next week - I'm really trying not to rush anything.
  10. cgutzmer

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    Looks great dan! Thanks for sharing the pics and thanks for that link!
  11. dansls1

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    Here she is. Lemme know if you'd like to see any different angles or closeups of anything ;)

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  12. dansls1

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    Some more.

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  13. Mark_1984

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    Nice one Dan, she came out very well indeed. Nice photos as well.

    RG WILLIAMS New Member

    Bf- 109

    An excellent build , you are very skilled in model construction. You are an inspiration to model builders. The only change I would make from observations of the actual aircraft. 1. A slightly wider stance of the landing gear. 2. Slightly flatten the bottom of the tires . Thanks for showing
  15. dansls1

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    Thanks RG - I used the reference in the kit to space the landing gear as best I could.
    I considered trying to flatten the bottom of the tires, but I couldn't come up with a realistic enough method in my mind to give it a try yet - maybe next build ;)
  16. Gainer

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    First off, VERY nice.
    Second, i noticed you mentioned mixing paints, there are a couple brands (Tamiya and Model Master availalble at hobbystores) that have exact or very close matches to german colors, which prevents mixing colors to "close enough".
    Did i mention NICE!!!???!!!

    Build on!!!
  17. newcomer

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    who sells this model in US ?
  18. dansls1

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    I got it from here - the Hobby Factory
    Not technically the US - but Canada is close ;)
  19. newcomer

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