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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by Bionic Modeler, Mar 8, 2008.

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    MOS, you're a good man. If you can't host your site anymore I can host it on mine. Drop me a line if you want to set something up.
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    Ya know, it started bugging me over the weekend that we haven't heard from Surfduke for such a long time, so this morning, I Googled his real name to check to see if he'd croaked (working as a reporter, I also have ready access to various other public records) and I couldn't find an obituary or a newspaper mention in the town where I know he once lived, Fitzgerald, GA. Also, the feds haven't gone after him, so it appears he's not sitting in jail somewhere. At least not a federal one.

    I'm sure he's off doing something constructive, and maybe taking a respite from the hobby. Heaven knows he contributed a lot to it in a very short time, so maybe he got burned out. Whatever it is, I hope he's doing ok and wish him the best, as do we all.

    Watching "When We Left the Earth" last night made me want to tackle his Skylab, although I myself have a move coming up in a month and most of my hobby stuff is already packed....
  3. Thanks for the update we appreciate your reaearch but I do think you might have put it a little more reverently. :cry:
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    Carl's where about


    Carl do not answer my mails either. Like most of you I have been concerned. But as a librarian - I know a trick or two. In fact Carl posted on a computer messageboard for less than two days ago. (There is no doubt it is him). As David says, It seems, that he wants to take a break from paper modelling.

    I miss Carl just as much, as you do. But I respect, if he want to be left alone. Therefore I have not tried to contact him - and will not post any links to the site here. In fact I only post this message to tell you not to worry.

    MOS95 can contact me off list on
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    Please don't take offense, but are you SURE it was Surfduke? I find it hard to believe that someone who wrote: "I will be back to the fun this week. I missed this little slice of the human pie very much!", just two days before he fell off the face of the Earth would just "take a break" from here and not reply to any personal emails.

    I miss him, and if he has not passed, I don't see him NOT contacting someone, somehow, unless he is literally physically unable.

    Is there not anyone here who personally, physically, knows Carl that can let us know what has happened to him?
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    Thank you for letting us know Niels. I was worried that something bad had happened to him. I am glad he is well, whatever he does. Hopefully one day he will be back among our group so we can show him all the progress we've done on his models. :)
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    Writing from experience I can say it is entirely possible to say A, but feel B and just take a sabatical for a while (yes, even from life itself). Hope he is regenerating well.

    Let's face it, he pumped out an incredible array of models and versions in such a short time. Even when you love to do something, too much of it can easily turn to aversion overnight.
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    Well - I expected that question. He is not trying to hide himself - all the data given match him - and not only the name. So except someone actually has stolen his identity (A new conspiracy theory?) it is him for sure.

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